We offer thank you, flowers to you Mr Yunus: Men, Fathers, Husbands, Grandfathers, support women and their families: 2006 Nobel Prize for Peace awarded to Mr. Muhammad Yunus for supporting women in business.

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We are all part of one loving world community and a beautiful man who started a love inspired bank for poor people in Bangladesh and who got the Nobel Peace Prize in 2006 is an example we loved. We wanted to share with you how someone who wanted to be the change he wanted to see in the world.

Ok from our research we found that, Yunus told The Associated Press in a 2004 interview that his “eureka moment” came while chatting to a shy woman weaving bamboo stools with calloused fingers.

He wanted to beautify the situation…

Sufia Begum was a 21-year-old villager and a mother of three when the economics professor met her in 1974 and asked her how much she earned. She replied that she borrowed about five taka (nine cents) from a middleman for the bamboo for each stool.

The London Flower Lover Peace The source of life

All but two cents of that went back to the lender.

“I thought to myself, for five takas she has become a slave,” Yunus said in the interview.

“I couldn’t understand how she could be so poor when she was making such beautiful things,” he said.

the london flower lover the seed nourished with the environment of peace, love and joy

The following day, he and his students did a survey in the woman’s village, Jobra, and discovered that 43 of the villagers owed a total of 856 taka (about $27).

“I couldn’t take it anymore. I put the $27 out there and told them they could liberate themselves,” he said, and pay him back whenever they could. The idea was to buy their own materials and cut out the middleman.

Yunus moved into his inner place of peace and beauty to offer what he offered from his heart.

They all paid him back, day by day, over a year, and his  heart felt response to support women grew into a full-fledged business concept that came to fruition with the founding of Grameen Bank in 1983.

TheLondonflowerlover all things are possible through peace

Through Yunus’s heart felt love and those of the bank he founded, poor people around the world, especially women, have been able to buy cows, a few chickens or the cell phone they desperately needed to get ahead.

In 1983, he started the Grameen Bank, which means village bank. Today, the bank has more than 1,000 branch offices serving 35,000 villages. Around 95 percent of the customers are women.

thelondonflowerlover peace is my nature silver chair rose posy Collage

The money they borrow helps them make more money. For example, some women borrow money from the bank to buy products to sell at the market. Many women have turned into successful stall-keepers this way.

Others use it to buy a cow so that they can make money from its milk. One group of women bought mobile phones with the money they borrowed. Nobody else in their villages had telephones. So, the “telephone ladies” provided a public telephone service for money.

The money they earn has helped millions of villagers to improve their lives. From having just one or two meals a day, they can now afford three. They can pay for their children’s education and afford medicines.

Grameen Bank was the first lender to hand out microcredit, giving very small loans to poor Bangladeshis who did not qualify for loans from conventional banks. No collateral is needed and repayment is based on an honor system.

The story continues…

The 65-year-old economist said he would use part of his share of the $1.4 million award money to create a company to make low-cost, high-nutrition food for the poor. The rest would go toward setting up an eye hospital for the poor in Bangladesh, he said.

The food company, to be known as Social Business Enterprise, will sell food for a nominal price, he said, “Lasting peace cannot be achieved unless large population groups find ways in which to break out of poverty,” the Nobel Committee said in its citation. “Microcredit is one such means. Development from below also serves to advance democracy and human rights.”

the london flower lover you are what you seek peonies

How the beautiful system works:

Anyone can qualify for a loan — the average is about $200 — but recipients are put in groups of five. Once two members of the group have borrowed money, the other three must wait for the funds to be repaid before they get a loan.

However, he says that it’s the ordinary people who have made Grameen Bank a success. “You look at the tiniest village, and the tiniest person in that village: a very capable person, a very intelligent person,” he says. “You have only to create the proper environment to support these people so that they can change their own lives.”

The London Flower Lover Peace

We so get that and feel from of this, friends, men, fathers, husbands support women and communities all over the world.

This is so magnetic. A man who operates from the love in his heart reminds us how we all do that in our own ways. Often overlooked like some people, do just the same thing, in an unseen way. Out of sight, away from view, in the dark, outside of the glare and dazzle of the limelight. So we invite you to let us know of how you or others have been the change you want to see in the world. We treasure each tiny tiny story and offer the images of the flowers we create to honour that aware mindfulness .

Cycling and recycling the wonderful energy of the flowers we love, express our appreciation of this irresistible principle of peace which is natural to us all.

Peace rules!

The Team

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