London Florist listen to a son’s crucial decision: “Do I decide to want revenge or to remain peaceful because they failed to follow my mothers deathbed wishes?

Beloved Flower lover,

Peace collage

It’s Thursday early morning and we are getting a very specific funeral wreath ready at very short notice for delivery late this morning. Tested to our limit today.

We received a call yesterday, just after noon from a man who was referred to us and wanted either a bouquet or a wreath for his cousin’s funeral to be delivered today, because he was not sure if he was going to the funeral. He was tested to his current limit.


Long story short, his siblings who had chosen to ignore his mothers deathbed wishes and later his father’s deathbed wishes, were going to be there and he did not know if he could hold onto his peace long enough for there not to be a scene. With fists!

We paused, we chose to bloom a breathe and flourish




We took about 5 deep breaths to clear the air, relaxed even more deeply and held the gentle smile we all needed and took his order. Our shoulders dropped down as we took another deep breath and welcomed him to release at his own pace.

Fierce, red hot and tear jerking justice seemed to be the sweet struggle here all wrapped up with beautiful healing flowers. What was the sacrifice? He was in the middle of being tested to his limits in a fiery pot of emotions.

We felt so blessed to be touched by his story which we share with all those who take it’s gifts like Sharla, Curly Miri, utesmile, Widearms, ns, Alaistair,, Bright mindsblog, netmums, Idcoach, lushcoils, mymyselfandela, Rene, Siltentlyheardonce, 2me4art, Susan, Candia Sanders, Ivon prefontaine, Laurie Buchanan, Leilia arts, Susanne Haun, Clanmother, Bewithus, Miaxima, karine, CindyBruchman, RonaBlack, tuttacronacoa, Eideard, Pierotucci, Life in a village named sanford, fly on a wall, The Best Chapter, Anthropogenia and so many others in our beautiful community who we have not named here but send love to you all the time. You help us bring out the best of ourselves.

We invited him to come into see us at the studio and have a better chat. He arrived.

When he was not looking, we took the opportunity to take a good look at him. Hey we are girls and we love the eye candy too. We were iust about our pleasure. We wallowed in it, why not?

He was the sort of tall handsome man who you could imagine as a courageous soldier, a protector. His strong jaw, long legs, smooth skin, short cut curly hair, big hands, and brilliant smile belonged to a face of a warrior, or a courageous wise leader. Tested to his limits. A man who would choose to change the world by transforming himself. First. Would he wish others ill will because they had done something that was not pleasing?

We noticed our hearts were wide open, flowing out with very slow waves of female admiration as we drifted off into that image recalling all the part of his story. We tingled in that special place below the navel  and breathed into it.  Hey, why not? we giggled more and more until we were laughing. (Politely)

peace and joy

How can we create something that reflects the best in this situation? We asked our whole heart as we could felt our own heart ache whilst hearing its inner conversation. Holding a space for the grievance or miracle? or both?  and how do we get to choose? Stretched, we were tested to our limits. The fear we felt was so massive. Was it unavoidable?  or should we close our hearts to it and run way from the discomfort? tested to our current limits, we decided to acknowledge our own denials. And in gratitude for him bringing this gift to us we asked within our hearts how best could we serve? the highest for all? how can we serve? how? how? how? how can we serve from our true nature?how?

Slight distraction…beautiful Tarot Moon came into our mental sphere of awareness. We thank her and continue.OK.

We had seen this sort of handsome protector here before and always have been expanded by the way this sort of man  expresses their maleness whilst holding the female highly esteemed. Often tested to her own limits. Stretched beyond.

We listen to this sort of man who witnesses huge emotional ‘injustices’  in war, in families, in sport, in work, in money, in health, in life,  in death, find ways to be the change they want to see  in the world.

Even though he was not in the military he reminded us of how a solider would love his mother. Consistent, imprinted with a clear target, inspired by a heart opened by a woman, often tested to the limit. That’s how she went beyond.

As he talked about the awful things he had seen in life, the terrible things he had heard, he also sounded like he was singing bird-songs in spring as he also talked about how he had been sweetly inspired by his mothers love for flowers and nature.  It was because of her traditions that he said he had to get flowers for his cousins funeral. Her family traditions of love had to be upheld, he said. She was always being tested to her limits. Yet smiled and held onto her peace.

Our hearts slowed, feeling the calmness and stillness come over us, we became steadier and steadier and even quieter as we listened to his very tiniest detail. We felt the tests, the limits, the feelings. We were inspired this morning.

He talked about how he would take his mother to evening classes when she was alive and how she always made their family home beautiful with flowers.  How she had always brought the ‘laws of joy’, into the home and that his dad was very fortunate to have her because she always lifted his grumpy moments into fits of delight and laughter. No, he was not a mummy’s boy, he simply adored his mother and had gone onto create a lovely family for himself. Seeing how calm he got as he soothed himself with this mental image, we witnessed him and smiled.

put peace to the test

Our hearts slowed even more,  as we noticed ourselves discovering, finding and drifting deeper as we went of into this relaxing day dream, encouraged by this deep loving connection to his mother, soothed.

Clearly he loved his kin yet and was very challenged by the trigger that this funeral presented to him. The reminder of how his siblings had gone out their way to ignore both his parents wishes regarding their deaths. Was a major piece of injustice to him.

We were drawn in even more deeply into this great opportunity to re-experience peace and love. It’s perfume.  Intriguing ideas were beginning to develop, renewed. Their colour. Thoughts and feelings long long forgotten were coming forward for us. The joy. Yet things have been changing just as we were bathed by this story.

What we saw in front of us was a man who was a the cross roads of remembering his identity, was he made in the likeness of the creator or was he going to sink into an identity that told him to be stressed out? would he heal this pain, or damage his health and intelligence with stress hormones? Would he provide himself with more good reasons to live a life of emotional ups and downs or would he count this as blessing, as an opportunity to be fascinated about how he had the chosen to be at peace instead?  Was he going to die to his true nature or resurrect his divine self and maintain his divine emotions of peace and joy? What was his crucial decision?

No judgment. We simply took the order and kept the curiosity as we were breathing big belly breaths, relaxing and smiling as we went along. We felt empowered by his heart.

We were feeling more and more optimistic and in wonderment as we knew just how the action of our own enjoyment could help him and ‘us all’.

As we relaxed more, considering the flowers, their condition and what we had in stock, we were able to continue to imagine how injustice strikes deeply for us and how to reflect it back into our world . What do you do about it in acts of self love? Do we ever have anger, vengeance or revenge as a defensive weapon that we can use legitimately to soak ourselves into?

Going through the colours and quality of the flowers we had at hand we where also thinking about questions like. Where can we rest in comfort when we have witnessed so much suffering? if we get filled with a sense of fatalism in the face of so called wickedness is that the natural response? or is there genuinely another way to reconcile these questions?

He too was still thinking.

He went to a sacred space. Possibly the space of his peace that his mother had taught him was his own. The space that she would teach him was how a woman cares for herself, as she makes herself a priority. Mmmm. All from going to her own weekly flower arranging classes. She never seemed to sacrifice her law of  joy, for the grumpiness of her husband!

He stood there now, talking to himself really as we kept quiet but busy showing him different colours.  And taking details for the delivery . Inwardly and outwardly smiling we thought of some of our readers like Sharla, or Alaistair or, Ivonprefontine, Ellie Boo and so many others and carried on.Yes, you guys you pop into our minds too as we take ourselves through out days.

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Even as he was revisiting images of his family responding to their situation angrily or talking nastily about not meeting their mother and fathers wishes. We visualised peace and wondered about the law of karma. That the creator does not reward or punish but follow laws which we are all subject to. Natural laws.

When we sow seeds of love, peace and joy we reap them. The consequences of doing wrong are not the same for all because we are at different levels of being able to hold ourselves into account. Or to put it in other words to follow through, to stretch ourselves to follow through with, to put forward our own levels of directing ourselves when faced with our own corruption is our own responsiblity.

So as we point a finger, where can we honestly and sincerely wake up to our own. We can become the change we want to see at the world. do we need situations of ease to be peaceful? Can we still extend peace in the face of a challenge, loss, or setback? Can we smell sweet perfume as we consider this betrayal, grievance.

Mmmmmmm this just seemed like our cue to jut flow out peace. Love was dissolved like perfume into the air.

He sighed…deeply, held his head back, rolled his eyes back and dropped his shoulders, the breathe just came out of his mouth like an act of surrender. He smelt the scent of peace.

Unfinished business…he had a chance to reboot.

He was thinking about questions. Was it natural and unavoidable to go and be angry with his siblings at the family funeral today? Would it be a sign of caring if he decided to be angry? if he was given a chance would he allow his fists to fly? should he be prepared to be angry because of his belief that the wrong doers must be punished and that you cannot be at peace until and unless wrong doers are made to suffer?

Easy peasy, a set of laws we abide by  …we decided to make the law of honouring our own pleasure our priority right now.

We carried on with our own deep breathing as we too visualised the scene vividly giving thanks for the opportunity to replace that state of emotions that vengeance with the peace and joy and to remember the essence of who we are. We smiled, quietly just leaving him to take all the time he needed in his space, in his bubble…

We looked at the beauty of the flowers surrounding us and filled our eyes up with that joy for ourselves first. Smiling at by dwelling on peace and joy helps us to enjoy life rather than damage ourselves. That by setting ourselves up with beauty and joy on the inside of our hearts, helps us to avoid, avoiding situations because of harboring feelings of vengeance or dependence on having justice from the outside to experience peace. Flowers on the outside are symbolic reminders, guides, markers to that place we all have. Do we wait for a situation to happen before we allow ourselves to experience peace? we decide.

We imagined him being able to enjoy his life because he was enjoying the beauty of flowers, the joy of life and the peace of his nature. We imagined his day seeing others in his family, loving the growth of his son and seeing him accomplish his other heart-felt dreams.  Was it worth  holding. Was it worth keeping bad  feelings of injustice before he allowed himself to enjoy his life . Was it worth being bound by  these ideas. Was he going to go to the funeral?  was he going to be upset because he was more closely bound to ideas of injustice and vengeance rather than his own peace and willingness to pay respects to his cousin?

Did he really defend his mothers and father dreams through anger or should he reflect back the peace that was his nature?

Really rich ground here for thought.

Well we really need to finish up. Then deliver. We hold the family in love and peace as we hold you too.

Peace and many blessings to you all

The Team

The London Flower Lover

put peace to the test

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8 Responses to London Florist listen to a son’s crucial decision: “Do I decide to want revenge or to remain peaceful because they failed to follow my mothers deathbed wishes?

  1. Alastair says:

    I have my uncle’s funeral today. Because of something that happened in my own family, I was not going to go as one of my mother’s other children was going to be there. I know that he is volatile and has a caustic tongue. I didn’t want to go if it was going to cause problems there. It is a time of grief for his wife and brothers and sisters. The last thing I wanted was the snide comments and “accidental” bumping. I have found out in the last hour though that he is not going, so thankfully I can go and pay my respects and say a final farewell.

    Sometimes family can cause such problems that they go beyond the grave

    • Wow, we give thanks for this. ,You sound so much like the chap we were talking to yesterday. We know that peace and joy opens up the way to answer the sorts of questions that these situations open up for us.

      It’s such a opening time. We give thanks for this and how when we are tested to our limits that we can choose using our own peace to flow into a place of unlimited possiblities for our futures. What a wonderful legacy we can choose to create. Thank you for sharing with us this intimate family development.

      We give thanks for all of this.

    • Alastair says:

      His story did sound similar to mine. Which is why I wanted to share it.

    • mmmmmm what a connection

  2. Casey says:

    It looks like you diffused the emotional volatile nature of the man thoughtfully, delicately and sensitively.

    • Peace is our nature and forms the basis from which we can respond. We give thanks for being able to provide flowers to this man experiencing this situation. We give thanks for the laws of peace that are within us all.

  3. Lana Friend says:

    Wow that is such a moving blog. It sure sets up a thinking pattern to start the week feeling blessed by all you encounter.

    • What a beautiful energy you are carrying into the world and sharing with others. Thank you for popping by and sharing your kind words and peaceful energy.There is a place of growth and for growth for us all in everything and beautiful flowers remind us of that all the time.

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