Love poem and flowers for those who know they are more than a cog in an Industrial economy!

Beloved Flower Lover,

Love poems are never dated. Love poems are never unimportant and especially if we are feeling overwhelmed, lonely and wanting to let go of what not works anymore, they are worth investing in. Love Poems can help lead you back to your own  heart!

In a time where some of us feel like the system does not care, that we get services from people who do not care. In a time where some of us feel like we are in a system that uses ever cheaper and less workers and is like a race to the cheapest mechanised process. We might want to explore how useful is the  industrialised management story about  speed, cost, efficiency. Seth Godins (see below) has invited us to consider if it’ s really worth the story we are telling ourselves. The story of more speed, scalability and ever more cheaper stuff. Is it really a story that we are prepared to continue. One where we actually become dehumanized!

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Are we  no longer in an industrial age?

Is it an era which is over.?

Some say it is,  like the voice of Seth Godin.

He, like others say we in a time of creating, rather than producing products at more speed, more scale,  and much more cheaply. We wonder,  do we still want to conform to this idea of greater productivity of mass media, mass production and interchangeable parts .In such a way where we end up looking for other groups of people around the world to do our work for us even more cheaply. Do we want that anymore?

Seth Godin and the art of flowers and love poems by Hafiz have come forward today as part of the conversation. The art of Connection Cconomy!

The door of the Connection Economy has opened!

We have been looking at poems that are far from standardised.  Love poems are in fact a study of self love, rather than conforming to ‘social messages’ which encourage self deprecation. Love poems are radical at this time, as they are not about conforming to the ideas of what it is to be a person in the standard industrialised world. Instead it invites people to dream and are beyond conformity to mass standards of the industrialised age,

Who takes the place of talking about the non industrialised world. Who celebrates what we dream about? who?

It seems that its us, the people instead, have the permission to do so!

We have taken a stance where as masters of flower arranging and flower design, we exchange an energy of art, the creation of meaning and value with you.

Pick yourself-you are the artiste of love and flowers can accompany that process, much like the poem of  your choice.

Flowers can remind us that things can change for the better as we read a poem. Flowers can show that we care enough to connect through love. To tell stories of our day dreams. Flowers  helps us with the connection between us.

Connecting with each other  is what our lives are about. Especially with a time of mass love, there is a time of mass loneliness. Yes we said it. Mass loneliness  is  the elephant in the room.

Flowers help us to make meaning out of our lives-for ourselves. Flowers help us to feel valued-for ourselves. Not waiting to be picked by someone else,but for ourselves. We pick ourselves with loving care! The benefit is that we feel transformed.

Giving  flowers to some one else with enthusiasm is wonderful. Giving them to ourselves helps us to leverage our own energy.It’s a legitimate to give ourselves flowers.It’s just as good to choose ourselves with love. And  we all feel better-as we expose our repertoire of love!

We selected our own collection of a few love poems from Hafiz. We have curated those poems with  flowers as we extend our love to you!

The London Flower Lover love flowers

I Want Both Of Us

I want both of us

To start talking about this great love

As if you, I, and the Sun were all married

And living in a tiny room,

Helping each other to cook,

Do the wash,

Weave and sew,

Care for our beautiful


We all leave each morning

To labor on the earth’s field.

No one does not lift a great pack.

I want both of us to start singing like two

Travelling minstrels

About this extraordinary existence

We share,

As if

You, I, and God were all married

And living in

A tiny




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Like Passionate Lips

There are

So many positions of


Each curve on a branch,

the thousand different ways

Your eyes can embrace us,

The infinite shapes your

Mind can draw,

The spring

Orchestra of scents,

The currents of light combusting

Like passionate lips,

The revolution of Existence’s skirt

Whose folds contain other worlds,

Your every sign that falls against

His inconceivable





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Imagination Does Not Exist

You should come close to me tonight wayfarer

For I will be celebrating you.

Your beauty still causes me madness,

Keeps the neighbours complaining

When I start shouting in the middle of the night

Because I can’t bear all this joy.

I will be giving birth to suns.

I will be holding forests upside down

Gently shaking soft animals from trees and burrows

Into my lap.

What you conceive as imagination

Does not exist for me.

Whatever you can do in a dream

Or on your mind-canvas

My hands can pull – alive – from my coat pocket.

But let’s not talk about my divine world.

For what I most want to know

Tonight is:

All about




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I Got Kin



So that your own heart

Will grow.


So God will think,


I got kin in that body!

I should start inviting that soul over

For coffee and



Because this is a food

Our starving world



Because that is the purest



These are just a few art poems, with a few flowers, which allow us to hear our selves. Our heart,your heart, the heart of love!

The Team,

The London Flower Lover

p.s. perhaps if watch the Seth Godin video in small chunks of time, its a little longish! We see it as a chat about the return to the connecting an economy to the art of love.We wonder what you make of it!


About Thelondonflowerlover

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  1. A lovely post and lovely poems – thank you for sharing yourselves. Being able to share is all part of the process of self-love. Isolating ourselves means we are depriving ourselves and others of connecting and being one.

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