Hiya, how you doing with the heart based flower experiment?

Beloved Flower Lover,

London is looking glorious.

Autumn is stunning. It’s still quite warm and the nights are getting darker earlier. We are wrapping up in slightly warmer clothes a little more and stewing and brewing in our juices!

Our hearts are singing in harmony, despite the challenges of the time and because of all of that we decided to put things in order in our environment.

Simply by looking around us, looking back and checking in with you. We knew it was time to see how easy it has been for you to practice the heart based flower experiment and experience that we talked about in our post on August 26th. How have you used the power of your own heart?


We have stepped away from the soft and squishy image of the heart today and looked instead at empirical heart research. Two clients reported family members with heart problems and because of that,  they had said that they had had to come to terms with heart health.

Perhaps your heart health depends on how you understand what it is and how it functions. So we looked at how it operates. And looked at our own work around heart based floristry.

According to empirical researchers it is more than a blood pump. It’s an intelligence that has been found to have four functions.

The functions are as follows and in no order of importance. Neurological. The heart has a huge nervous system that sends messages straight to the brain. Those messages change from unorganised to organised when they are focused on feelings like calm, comfort, care, love, happiness and love.

It’s a bio-phsycial organ that manages blood pressure in every cell of the body. It’s a hormonal gland that creates oxytocin, the love and bonding with others hormone.

It’s also an electrical organ, creating and sending electrical signals stronger than the brain. These signals broadcast as far as  3-4 feet around our physical bodies. They transmit the messages of our feelings. They send out the vibration, the energy of those emotions and the attitudes that we have. All of these functions change when we feel overwhelmed, anger, grief, sadness, fear, or worry. They also shift when we choose to feel a calm, comforting oasis of feelings like optimism, wonder, kindness, love, joy, care. They alter when we immerse ourselves in feelings of compassion appreciation and care for ourselves and others.

From what we have noticed from our own experiment its a process. It’s an experience you choose to go to daily. It’s a practice and sometimes opening up to others in this experiment affirms ourselves.

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So, how have you been able to allow the situations which normally upset you to be the cause of feeling love, peace, joy and happiness from your heart? what place have your reached? How have you relaxed and let go of mental tightness?

Maybe just today take a day off from mentally trying. Why not?

Be honest because it matters and means that you are appreciating yourself and are open to enjoying the sweetness of who you are.

london flower lover flower in box because you have admitted to yourself (41)

Take a look at those flowers you adore in your own heart,sink into their beauty and relax.

antique rose bouquet count on what counts

The Team

The London Flower Lover

p.s. perhaps you might like to revisit the earlier post  inviting you to enjoy the  heart based experiments:  https://thelondonflowerlover.wordpress.com/2013/08/26/would-you-be-open-to-join-us-in-an-experiment-about-flowers-about-our-hearts-intentions-and-so-much-more-the-invitation-is-there/


The Institute of HeartMath is an internationally recognized nonprofit research and education organization dedicated to helping people reduce stress, self-regulate emotions and build energy and resilience for healthy, happy lives. Personal coherence, also known as psychophysiological coherence, refers to the synchronization of our physical, mental and emotional systems. It can be measured by our heart-rhythm patterns: The more balanced and smooth they are, the more in sync, or coherent, we are.

Personal coherence, also known as psychophysiological coherence, refers to the synchronization of our physical, mental and emotional systems. It can be measured by our heart-rhythm patterns: The more balanced and smooth they are, the more in sync, or coherent, we are.

Global coherence refers to the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of the greater community of human beings, while acting in concert with their own hearts, each other and nation to nation in harmony with our living planet. HeartMath believes coherence on a grand scale is highly achievable when large numbers of people focus their heart intelligence on a common goal.




About Thelondonflowerlover

Welcome to The London Flower Lover. We are florists who create floral collections to tell your real life story. With colour and texture, we take floristry into an entirely new direction based on the challenges and joys of your life. Offering what we call 'heart based floristry' we use style, fashion, and life situations and merge them with heart based lifestyle support. This inspiring blend creates so much more for those who love flowers. Using flowers in the traditional way of course, but always using flowers to open up a floralicious conversation about relationships of all kinds. We are a sort of work in progress of compassionately confirming how we are already on the inside, the love we want to see out in the world. That is mission of The London Flower Lover. So saying yes to recognising that is at the heart of this blog and using flowers to honour that inner world is how we use the beauty of giving and receiving flowers. This blog is your blog. It's as much about cultivating your heart, as it is about enjoying the physical beauty of flowers. It offers story, poems and video to reflect the life you actually live whilst showing beautifully inspiring collections of flower designs. Hand-tied bouquets, arrangements and more. All this with sought after tips from well established experts on how to keep a happy heart. This is what makes The London Flower Lover unique and magical. Yes, and that's how we make the difference that we do. When life looks, feels, or sounds challenging, we offer a sanctuary that you may dip into. A well of refreshment and strength that you may draw from. Sharing what others have found to be successful ways of being happy in the face of challenges, whilst letting flowers do the talking when we have no other way to interpret what is going on. Use flowers to help you re-discover, reveal and remember how you can still be despite challenges. Use flowers to celebrate and to embody the possibility of your heart felt desire, fulfilled. Use flowers in your life, to remind you of the beauty of your life. Use The London Flower Lover today. We invite you to stay curious in this floral universe as you explore the love in the heart. This is a floralicious world.
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7 Responses to Hiya, how you doing with the heart based flower experiment?

  1. Al says:

    The experiment you suggested a month or so ago, it is working so well. Things have really picked up with my friend. Things are getting back on track again. Thank you


  2. utesmile says:

    What a wonderful hearty post! Thank you !


  3. Candia says:

    Wonderful inspiration for us all as we begin to hunker down for the fall and winter. What a lovely place to begin within our own hearts. The dusky plums of autumn flowers set against the bright vivid green backdrop is an awesome image and photo; gorgeous arrangement!


    • Ohhhhhhhhh what a beautifully expressed comment beloved.

      Candia you remind us through the energy in your words that we are all one. This beauty of the dusky plums of autumn flowers set against the bright vivid green backdrop shows us ourselves. As we submerge our eyes into this, like the way we sink into your energetic expression of loving words we can enjoy this place of being one with all.

      Are we the love we talk about or that flower, who is beholding who? Or are we more Candia?

      We really value the deep consideration and appreciation as you acknowledge us all. Thank you for your comments


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