Congratulations! Rock bottom might be a great place to start telling you the truth. It’s like having a dear friend who is giving you flowers who you thought was your biggest enemy !

Beloved Flower Lover,

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A dear friend of the team called into today, not for flowers, but for a weep. Her sister in Australia was dying from cancer after it had been removed previously. And she did not know what to do. We got the call. So we sat with her. She wept.

No lecture, no sermon, just sat as she whispered and cried before getting ready for work. When she left, we all sent quiet feelings to her and considered our own truth.

Her heart was beating, her adrenalin was flowing, she was uncertain, as she was growing. Perhaps, she was scared she was going to die emotionally as she watched her sister die physically.

We were not expecting this at all. She began talking about how her brother had committed suicide and how she had felt suicidal… overwhelmed. She was open to change and transition.

We are all faced with situations that are so major that we cannot help but at least look at our false and limiting beliefs. Some of our personal truths are in alignment with Maat’s truth. However, there are some of our individual truths that we believe in so deeply, that even in the face of a higher level of understanding, we refuse to let them go. As Ms. Vanzant says, ‘ look at your pathology’.

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One member of the team talked about a time when she was about to throw in the towel but kept on getting signs not to. So instead, she began to look at throwing away the limiting belief which was “I can’t” and step fully into the truth that I could in fact make it through those experiences and beautifully so.

She talked about the vibration and energy of love she was cultivating, and the responsibility she had around that.

“What are truths?”, we wondered.

The thought we pondered on after she left was just that.

….just working through the day and remaining open to that conversation opened us up much more deeply.

“Are our truths leading us to a more expanded, joyful and peaceful existence, or are they leading us to a place where we lack awareness of the divine qualities that are so natural to us all?”

We talked about how life teaches us that everything has a place in our lives. That this feminine quality of the divine also teaches that we are to say thank you to our perceived enemies because even they have contributed to our experience in some way.

gift of autumn flowers

The truth and keeping the big picture in mind are sure fire paths to operating from unconditional love. Truth helps us to move past emotions and helps us to see the greater lesson.

The Truth which is in our heart chakra energy can be expressed with words, with flowers, with a deed. It is important to balance the heart chakra often, especially if you store your hurt, stress and pain there. But your ability to love everyone no matter whom they are, is a gift of connecting with knowing who we really are. So what unconditional love is?  This is the highest form of love because it gives, expecting nothing in return and not feeling that anything is wrong with anything or anyone. Unconditional love exists all the time.

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So what is crucial in moving into this way of existing is to opening and expanding to a place where being receptive to the unconditional love of the divine is always there. Unconditional love is nothing that we acquire or give away. It is always within us, and it allows us all to rebalance ourselves in times of major challenges. Learn how to nourish yourself. That’s what this is about. What we do for others, is in fact what we do for ourselves, because we all come from one place. And it’s our oneness that makes this sort of love the source of protection for the world.

The London Flower Lover maat sunflower Collage

…… and as a final thought, who could you give flowers to today….and remember you are in that mix too. What does love look like to you? What does it feel like? Share it with others.  Share.

The Team


The London Flower Lover

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  1. This is a warm and comforting message. Once we open our chakras to love and compassion we do feel at peace. I feel that when I meditate and open my chakras. It is a soothing feeling.

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