How being annoyed with the play, fun and good life of other people, may help us to draw beautiful flowers into your life

Beloved flower Lover,

We were thinking about the Facebook phenomena, where people post happy smiley faces,a wonderful life with all their successes and achievements. Knowing that that is often fake we began to think about how sometimes we reject the play, flowers and beauty in our lives and how its useful to be aware that it might even irritate us if we see it in other people’s lives, even in a photo.

Is that familiar?

Is this a commitment to being one down,  seeing ourselves as an underdog, seeing ourselves as a victim, who will ‘never’ be able to have what we want to be?love, freedom,peace?

Making beauty, play, flowers bad and wrong as we work to raise our families. Raising our eyebrows at the thought of  making enjoyment, playfulness, flowers and beauty  apart of our lives whilst we are responsible for our families.

Is it possible to consider this.


“I am a workhorse and I am lazy”

“Responsible and irresponsible.”

I am all of this and it’s ok


Find lazy in ourselves as well as beauty, as we look at the lives of others and ourselves, may help us to begin to clarify our real purpose and where true self love comes from. When there is no wrong way to live our lives when we come from a place of peace about our worthiness and the future we want to live into.

Not a big believer in just manifesting, we have to bring in some clear action. We have to meet the desire with action, so all parts of us, the workhorse and the lazy one become as one.

Maybe just a quick examination of beliefs. To journal, to write down on paper the beliefs we currently have about money and work. Then go one by one and finding a counter example to that belief. Then create a new empowering belief which we can use in place. You are allowed to rethink about yourself as worthy!

We are all one!

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Stand up for yourself as you allow yourself to stand up for the yumminess of life for us all.

Perhaps, just do nothing for a little bit and reminding yourself that you are worthy just as you are, even if you have not got it all together-(so called)!


The Team,

The London Flower Lover

p.s. perhaps we can expand the capacity to have and recieve all parts of ourselves without beating ourselves up……stand up for what you deserve to recieve

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