Mid-Summer Flowers healing a couple of Senior lovers and their daughter in London

Beloved Flower Lover,

summer solstice peace

We got a text yesterday from a client who said she had been in her garden collecting all the wild flowers she could for her summer solstice vase .

She had been listening to us talk about how anyone can celebrate the fullness of this midsummer’s time despite the humidity and rain in London. And that it’s the ideal time for  giving thanks for what’s around in nature. Including  the challenges too, because they help to shape us into the beauties we are.

She said she was calmly and quietly inspired.

Since then she said she had been going into the  garden of her parents home and cutting fresh flowers. Roses, sweetpeas, irises and more.

She was putting the flowers in the empty vases in the usually empty living room….

Well it was not technically empty. It had every picture of the children and grandchildren smiling from all the windowsills. Every ornament, Every modern electronic gadget turned on, but with no one watching anything or talking to each other.

Believe it or not she had noticed that her elderly parents who where usually in two separate rooms. One watching  another  tiny TV,  the other sewing, where now coming into the living room and sitting together.


She had noticed this happening ever since she had been putting flowers in there.

Last night her senior mother blurted out

“I used to do what you are doing….It was my chore to do it in the family …My dad used to make me do that every day after sweeping  and shining the floor before I went to school. That was my job too.”

Now in reflection that was nice enough but what was even more powerful was considering this in light of the situation that this grown woman was speaking from.  She herself had had to return back home with her daughter after having her own home repossessed and  having had no money to pay for her divorce. She had returned home to an angry elderly mother who would criticise her for the way she raised her granddaughter and for working outside the home

Disappointment in her daughter had turned into outrageous hostility and anger. Anger that did not instruct or elevate or inform.

You see she had moved seven times in the last eight years and refused to take government monies because…..well….

Our client however had chosen to build the value of her precious relationship with her ‘one time miserable mother’, with peace and sweetness instead. She had accepted that peace and sweetness has it’s own intelligence and would be using that now as her guide.

‘Mindshift flowers’, she called them.

She was using them to help her plunge headlong into letting go of ‘her bellyfat’ of doubts and let go of her ‘hips’ of  humiliation and  ‘arms’  of shame, all having had come from desperately wanting to impress her family.

She had more to offer the women, the men in her family.

After acknowledging that she was no longer going to live that way she decided to change. Educating herself and those around her through her own practise of peace,happiness and pleasure on what ever monies she had…

She used a simple flower as her game changer.

The team

The London Flower Lover

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6 Responses to Mid-Summer Flowers healing a couple of Senior lovers and their daughter in London

  1. gebmama.com says:

    Repossession +
    Disgruntled Grieving Matriarch +
    Wild, Flowery, Domestic Clusters
    = (EQUALS) Peace and Joy?

    Yay!! Go Girl!

    Give thanks!!!

    All Love,
    GebMama xXx

  2. LillianC says:

    Wow. What an inspiring story.

    • Things happen to us us all to help us bring heaven down to earth.It’s lovely how old childhood patterns that emerge can change through peace and flowers. Thank you for popping by.

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    • it was a vibration of love, peace and joy that she was holding and expressed through flowers. She created more wellnes in the family home and the attitude of peace vibrated through the home for herself and others. She sent forth a vibration rocket that thrilled us. Flowers expressed the vibration of that peace love and joy. The precursor. The flowers reflected her within the relationship she desired. The flowers reflected the creator in her. Her prosperity in relation with everything that exists. We hold steady for this and give thanks for it.

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