Call your bluff and choose flowers as a way of feeling good about yourself and see what happens- Has your self-perception caught up with our present capability and readiness for love,beauty and joy in your life?

Beloved Flower Lover,

We recognized that some peoples  self-perception has not caught up with their readiness to express more in  life. Many want to express more with their lives (more love, esteem, health, career fulfillment, balance, etc.) however being ready to express a greater capacity is quite another thing.


Been there?

When one has sincerely engaged any self-improvement (in whatever ways resonate) it can’t help but promote a greater readiness (ability) to express and fulfill the potential which all intentions, desires and goals represent.

However one culprit commonly undermines exercising the readiness that enables you to realize desires is the arch-enemy of progress; the root often times of doubt, procrastination and self-sabotage. That culprit is a static self-perception.

It’s powerful. Many older cultures knew this and had certain ways to refocus the identity. Hetheru, Aphrodite,Venus, Hathor, Mami Wata, Oshun were all focused on addressing ones self perception. Being the source of their own beauty comes from putting in a mental deposit into yourself.


Het Heru: British Museum-The London Flower Lover

Het Heru: British Museum-The London Flower Lover

When one is unconsciously tied to a historically, familiar perception of one’s self coming from a past challenge, or so-called failure, patterns and habits, it is like an invisible quarantine imprisoning one’s present readiness for you today.

Because you are so ‘intimate’ with your identity, it is easy for your growing ability and readiness to be blanked out by your intimate identification with your past.


This old inner photograph of your familiar identity can remain the reference point holding your present readiness in place. A bit like a hostage. Even though you have released or reconciled old issues, triggers and ideas, you still feel like, well, you.

Yet its not a bad thing.

The truth is that even as you get more involved with your potential and possibility you will  feel like you . Mistakenly assuming that, that “you” – represents the limited you; when that familiar sense of you actually represents the  ‘real you’ – even when the most limited, restricted capacity of you was expressing itself.

If you really get with this you will notice that it’s  a game-changer in enjoying your inner fulfillment.

Many of us are facing this.

Really what this is about is that our self-perception has not caught up with our present capability and readiness.

Our suggestions is that we can deal with this in two essential ways.

Its a bit like“Calling the Ego’s Bluff.”

1)   No longer allow yourself to be victimized by self-doubt.

Start doing the things your self-doubt  says you can’t accomplish with the awareness that the ‘inner chat’ is nothing more than familiarity with old self-perception. It will fill your mental bank.

2)      Recognize that confidence is increased by exercising your present readiness  i.e. not by waiting to feel more confident. Again, fill your mental bank.

As you keep doing this steadily from exercising your present readiness you begin to  regard yourself  in a way that  is more relevant to who you are today. Yes.

Confidence in your ability to fulfill is increasingly gained through letting your present readiness come out and play.

Call the Ego’s Bluff- by filling your mental bank with the joys of life….and that could be flowers-for yourself or others!

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The team,


The London Flower Lover

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