Creativity, Sensuality, Flowers, Imagination and your Beauty

Beloved Flower Lover,

When we allow ourselves to create different links, associations or ways of relating to old ways of doing things, things change. That change is even better when what we link ourselves to, is our true image.

Yes so any picture that helps us to identify our true beauty then has us harnessing our natural ability for using the inner picturing ability of our imagination. This uplifts us all. Because we feel better about ourselves and so we relate from that energy to others.

Now, if that image has feelings of peace, joy and happiness embedded into it then we feel the flourish of abundance. Gosh the more we do that the better life gets.


Using our imagination is not new. We all do it. It happens all the time even when we do not use it ourselves for ourselves. Meaning we depend on someone else to define our image of ourselves. Sometimes that might not be so empowering, but that’s the subject for another post.

We are all natural creators. It’s our nature. It’s normal. That’s how we create science, fashion, design our lives, enjoy great sex, create and maintain happy families, enjoy the birthdays, weddings, married life, anniversaries, parties, generate the income and so much more. So yes, we can use it to help or to hinder the way we picture ourselves.

So how could flowers help you to beautify your life?

The London Flower Lover Het heru Imagination



start thinking about writing a story, think of a plot, think up characters for the story, take notes and expand the story over a period of time. Refine and change the story if you want to. Take your time, new ideas will pop out of your subconscious as you think about it. It is your creation you can do anything you want with it, use you imagination. Yes create a flower story to suit you.

…we wonder what you or we might write today as we look at the immeasurable beauty of flowers and yourself and how they guide us to mirror back the eternally deep love we keep finding and Even if we feel grief, sadness, depression, frustration, tiredness, just by going to the place where we decide to enjoy our own hearts no matter what. That’s success. That abundance which we share with others with a heart. Whether they live near or far, are in the joy with us, or just watching with a smile, are alive or passed away. We decide to take that into our future a picture of joy , 5 days, 5 weeks hours, or 5 centuries from now, beautifully.

What ever we decide for ourselves without a shadow of a doubt, what ever symbol of beauty we look at to enhance what we receive with joy, let us dance. Why? because we all share that very same love and so can celebrate.  Let’s feel whats natural in our hearts. The beat of warm, happy smiles…

This is not just happy clappy stuff, we love to share the science of this with you all the time, but not today in this post. Anyway, it takes courage to give up control of old associations that are no longer reflecting who we really are. To remain open to our beauty is like us holding the focus of stillness.  It’s ours. So we can relax.  So we can surrender. So we can feel the ecstasy of it’s sensuality as we enjoy the excitement of who we really are…you really are…. so beautiful

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The London Flower Lover

About Thelondonflowerlover

Most busy people struggle with knowing how to really give themselves the time they deserve for genuine self caring. They can get so lost in their daily responsibilities that they lose themselves. They can get sick, tired, or just lose their way. We provide self caring and self loving packages that make use of the natural relaxing abilities of tools like flowers, and so much more, all designed to give a reliable, regular, rebalancing booster, to recharge their inner batteries so that they can enjoy life again. So welcome to this Floralicious universe, where you are the hero. Yes, that's right. We know that you have one clear desire. To be happy. We also know that something is stopping you from getting it. That is where we step in.a Things get done because you allow them to. We are your guide florists who provide you with answers for that stress. We do this using baby steps, providing you with relaxing and beautiful flowers to help you connect with your wellness. In our baby step plans we combine flowers, with a holistic appreciation of what it takes for you to be free of your challenge. In our opinion you are a hero, not a helpless victim. It is our belief that no one needs to struggle with stress if they are guided properly. We gently guide those who are stressed at work, at home or anywhere in between. We guide those who have declared that its time to stop dabbling with what they desire. And using those baby steps, we carefully guide those who are ready to experience a transformation. We would never deny the fact that flowers for your birthday, holidays and special occasions are amazing to send and receive. Those florist that specifically specialise in that line of floristry are fantastic. Yet what we are doing here points you in another direction. It's deeper. It points your attention inwards. To self. To boost yourself up on a REGULAR basis. That's a part of how we guide you through to become free of your stress. We invite you to see how life is breathing you and how you are part of life's nature. So what you uncover is really you discovering your own awesomeness. You learn how that is natural and not an exception. From that point of view , we are inviting you to let go of dabbling around . This process that aligns you with the truth of your nature,puts asleep those doubts that interfere with your desires.Putting asleep the elephant in the room and inviting you to discover your own process of moving from feeling stressed to calm, from feeling uncertainty to being confident, from feeling lonely to being in gratitude for the connections with others. We recognise what you want. We know. We have been there ourselves. We know how it feels and that all you need is a guide, to give you a plan to help you win the day. So we invite you to take the next baby step. If we don't call you to take action, then we are not helping you and life will only stay the same. It will reflect an unexplored set of feelings about your self that could harm your future. Lets put those to sleep and be focused on what is awake within you. We invite you to go forward and take the first tinniest baby step now. THE FLORALICIOUS PLAN Step 1 Sign up to The London Flower Lover blog. Open up your Floralicious conversation about relaxation, perception and flowers of all kinds. Step 2 Sign up for the empowerment plan that will work for you. At this stage are really ready to commit to your self caring. So choose your plan carefully. Each plan makes you available to the mechanics of your personal wholeness because you allow yourself to. No one is forcing you. Each plan gives you a reliable schedule of activity to bring your attention back to yourself. These plans use a mixture of techniques to awaken you . Repeatedly offered through story, gratitude journaling and more as you reflect the life you desire to breathe life into. By using flowers, you experience the boost of beautifully inspiring collections of flower designs. All you need to do is to align with that feeling. This is what makes this package a personal attunement to your natural aliveness and abundance! Step 3 You are now ready to use very specific flowers and self gifting to help you express yourself. You are ready to give yourself a licence to express yourself like never before. No longer intimidated by stress, you use flowers and self gifting to express the life that is breathing you. Your awesomeness is re-discovered, revealed and remembered. We invite you into your own Floralicious universe as you unwind, relax and enjoy happiness beyond stress.
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  1. susan says:

    Adore what you are doing here….we so get you…..thank you for the guidance given in such s pretty way

    • oh thank you….we are great gratitude to receive your thanks….its not about us….its about us all…..thanks for being on the wave of love and sharing in the ripples of love community…

  2. Senin Kamis says:

    Thank you so much, its really great.
    The way you guys look into flower really different.
    I never hv the imagination like this before.
    Thank you 🙂

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