Can beautiful flowers help change our attitude to the ‘Politics’ in our Lives? – A geninue question on budget day in the UK

Beloved Flower Lover,

This post was inspired by the peonies in the photos you see. Beautiful forms which are changing into other forms of beauty. It was crafted on Budget day in the UK.

It was another summer day in London and we had discovered that we were suddenly having a conversation about the illusions of what is beautiful, especially when we feel like it’s not looking like what we expect.

We suddenly realised that we were having a conversation about what we can transform with regard to expanding the feeling of beauty. Empowering!

In a nutshell we were playing with reshaping, these peonies for a client. She had a huge vase and we encouraged her to salvage them rather than ‘chucking’ them. To value them further by placing them into smaller perfume bottles, rather than discarding them.

The London Flower Lover Shabby Chic Peony

She stood almost frozen, watching us.

Hardly breathing and then said that she was uncomfortable with the shabby chic style because for her it created feelings of lack.

She breathed a little more. “I felt angry and scared of being afraid, when I was at school, reading all the lovely magazines and seeing my friends in my school have things”.

We handed her a glass of water infused with Himalayan pink salt and a slice of lemon.

We too got that message of the emotion and felt that it was time to re-look at it. Was it really about a ‘lack point of view’ or politics? or both?

“How’s the yoga, chi Kong stuff? ”

We asked her this, as each florist began to move. Arms high and low with our scissors n hand. Breathing in deeply from the lower tummy, we said, “all is well”.

After showing her that some of the flowers need not be thrown right now. And that some really did.  And that this was where she could make her mind up about what to keep and what to throw. It was really ok to enjoy her own approach to having flowers. That even  having them in the home for maybe just one more day was not ‘bad feng shui’.

She breathed in and out deeply. We grabbed our own nostrils, held them both and then exhaled. We then put the peony under her nose and invited her to smell.

“Wonderful,wonderful, allow the wonderfulness to fill you!” We smiled.

“It’s ok to fully recognise how those feelings were created, you are just processing”

The feelings of I don’t have this or I don’t have that…..she said no more.

We felt like we were now having fun. And we wanted her to enjoy their beauty here and now. Technically we knew it was a sort of ‘wabi sabi’, ‘heart based’, ‘inside out’ approach to lifestyle floristry. In a nutshell, following what appeals to us.

The London Flower Lover Peony
Walking away from that situation we ask this question.

How can we expect a woman who is working 60 hours a week, earning £25K a year, who has a child, to be able to also keep the house clean, look after her aging parents, have lovely flowers and to look chic?

1) Are we promoting a fix yourself prosperity story with our floristry ? We asked, What about the rest of the story? The politics? The econonmy. They all go hand in hand do they not?

2) How can we expect a talented person who is 35, 45, 55 years old, who has a mortgage, getting crumbs for a job, who also has to pay for University tuition for their child and also has aging parents to flourish in London?

3) How do you talk with someone who might be saying “Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaase” as they read this very post?

4) How could we ourselves be able to share this blog post if we had not had Word press develop a free platform which we could then use to share our work? What bigger politics are we also a part of?

5) What do you say to groups of people who if they make one mistake, lose everything?

Rather than go right back to the studio, we took another florally appealing route. As we walked, putting a hand on the heart and taking a big sigh, we smiled at the truly beautifully flower filled gardens.

The London Flower Lover, Peony and Pink jewlry

Then came another question. What is going on in London with housing? Beautiful gardens have to be kept up. What are the models of success that are put in front of us? Are they exceptions or are they for the average?

What is happening to the movement to address affordable housing in London?

What practical responses have become into play since the new government?

How can politicians avoid making someone feel bad about not being able to budget on £25k a year in London with housing and other skyrocketing costs?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We are wide open for answers, and as they form we remain focused on peace, beauty, joy, and happiness. It’s not a waiting game, we have learnt. Those feelings do come from culitvating an inside approach.

As more subtle questions emerge. We ask, how does seeing those inner feelings affect politics? .our econonmy….and this is not a trick question.

We know we have an amazing diverse range of friends in our community from Merry Fairy, to Clan Mother, to Al, to Kathryn, Paulette Motzko, Annika Perry, Marsha O Brien, Cecilia, JNC, themissx, Hearty dwell, Soul Succor, Carmen Lezeth Suaraz, Marie Williams, Joy Ezeka, Rosy, CBC Burke, Dr Rex, Idealistic Rebel, Belly of Peace, Noelle V, Shonat Grusenmeyer, Shanti Baku, and to everyone who we have not been able to mention here. We know we have friends like Core Success in Manchester and great teachers like Ra Un Nefer Amen, Micheal Neil, our family and so on.

You are our collective wisdom. And we are inviting all of you, including anyone we have not mentioned here to please share.

It does not have to be right now, you might want to go away and think about it and then comment later. Or you might comment right now.

As florists, we say, how can we be of service if we do not ask questions, especially the elephant in the room sorts of questions. So whatever and however you answer is fine. The answers from the formless arrive in their own beautiful way.

We look forward to hearing your written thoughts.

Peace and joy

The Team,

The London Flower Lover
p.s. don’t be shy, like, share, comment and subscribe.
The London Flower Lover Peony, jewlry composition


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2 Responses to Can beautiful flowers help change our attitude to the ‘Politics’ in our Lives? – A geninue question on budget day in the UK

  1. AMAZING and LOVELY post! I never “delete” without reading and having an eye feast! You always make me smile. Thank you and blessings and love to you! I mean it!


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