How to look after Roses

Beloved Flower Lover,

Beautiful roses can go limp, slack and lifeless, sometimes within a day. Yep we have so seen that happen! They usually dry out or suffer bacterial infections and die. But you can prolong the beauty of cut roses through a combination of proper maintenance that any florist would be proud of. By the way, we do not suggest, vodka, bleach or pennies. Sorry!


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You might be giving them to someone dear or using roses for your own self-care, for beautification or something else. Whatever, you still need to know how to look after roses, so they can last as long as they can.

  1. When you’re examining roses before making your purchase, gently squeeze them at their base, where the petals come together at the stem. If it feels loose and squishy, the roses are old, and you should avoid them. If it feels firm and taut, the roses are fresh
  2. Remove the leaves from the stems and guard petals that surround the blooms.
  3. Trim the stems underwater. Trimming the stems underwater helps to keep them fresh by preventing air from entering the bottom of the stems. When air gets in, it immediately starts to cause flowers to deteriorate.  You can trim the stems under running water or submerge them in water to do the trimming.
  4. Place the ends of the roses in a large bowl filled with fresh water.
  5. Cut the portion of the stems that will be submerged in water. It should be completely free of leaves. This is because leaves left underwater will start to rot, causing bacteria to accumulate in the vase and making the flowers die a lot more quickly.
  6. Get a clean vase. It must be clean. If you simply rinse your vases between uses, bacteria can live inside the vases and damage your fresh roses. Clean the vase you plan to use with hot, soapy water, making sure to scrub the inside. Rinse it thoroughly before proceeding.
  7. Fill a vase with fresh water and flower food.
  8. Arrange the rose stems in the vase.
  9. Keep the roses cool. Roses will stay fresh for many days if you keep them in a cool spot in the house. Avoid placing them near sunny windows or in rooms that tend to be on the warmer side. You can even store your roses in the refrigerator overnight to keep them cool while you sleep, then set them back out on the table during the day.
  10. Repeat the process in a few days.
  11. Roses are thirsty flowers. Check the container regularly and make sure there is plenty of water.
  12. Roses can wilt if they can not take up water and preservative through the stem. If fresh roses begin to wilt, it could mean that there is air trapped in the stem. Cut off the bottom of the stem. Re-submerge the rose in warm water for about an hour and it can then go back in the arrangement.


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