Flowers for Scotland’s vote for Continued Peace and Interdependence

Beloved Flower Lover,

thelondonflowerlover in Britsh flag


 55 per cent of Scotland voted to remain in the 307-year-old Union

This is a landmark moment, morning, day. A beat in the heart of the UK. A beat in the heart of Britain. The heart was pumping hard.  Filled with blood. Revitalised with answers, solutions found. Such a pure mirror. the heart beating listening to the lesson, message and gift of this time. Now, it’s a time to be still and reflect with this result. And look at the beauty of this time. Look at beauty. Maybe flowers. Anything that is wordless but reflects the peace of this time. Anythng that mirrors our relationship to ourselves.

Beauty.  Light sitting in light. At peace with the darkness of all!

We are now meeting our shadow, our provocative anger, our fear deeply buried in this exercise of Scotish Independence that we have allowed to come up and become rebalanced.  Anything we have overlooked has been reviewed. So now we can just sit still and consider it all. No more resisting.

Have we  changed?

We have  called the grace of our oneness into a clear focal point. The beauty of this time has flowered.  The beauty of our hearts, shifted by oneness is contagiously beautiful. We have undertaken the exercise and separation, that optical illusion has been reviewed. And oneness, the expression of who we really are has come up as our thought for the day. Bloomed as it is today.

This process has been so earnest. And now it’s time to just let it happen as we open up to the new day. In peace.

The Better Together campaign, demonstrated that today with the voting results coming out of Scotland last night. The value of Sterling rose dramatically in the early hours as results were being declared in favour of the Better Together campaign.

Speaking at 6.30am, Mr Salmond accepted the verdict of the people as he conceded defeat in the referendum on Scottish independence.

However, he said that the people of Scotland had only rejected independence “at this stage”, suggesting he believes that another referendum is possible in the future.

Addressing supporters in Edinburgh, Mr Salmond said: “I accept that verdict of the people and I call on all of Scotland to follow suit in accepting the democratic verdict of the people of Scotland.”

He added: “We have seen a scare and a fear of enormous proportions…at the heart of the Westminster establishment as they realised the mass movement of people that was going forward in Scotland.

“Today of all days, as we bring Scotland together, let us not dwell on the distance we have fallen short; let us dwell on the distance we have travelled.”

With national turnout expected to reach around 85 per cent, Unionists celebrated overwhelming victories in their traditional strongholds such as Orkney, Edinburgh and the Scottish Borders.

Edinburgh voted against independence by 61 per cent to 39 per cent.

Better Together also had huge victories in East Lothian, where they had a 24 per cent lead, Stirling, where they won by 20 per cent, and Midlothian, where the margin of victory was 12 per cent.

Alistair Darling, the leader of the Better Together campaign, said the victory was a “momentous day not only for Scotland but for the United Kingdom as a whole”.

The London Flower Lover Maat conversation  Collage

Both sides had their say:

We are grateful for the energy of a discussion, where people weighed up what they felt was important.

Let’s continue to take that energy of balancing the issues that are very dear to our deepest heart. Let that guide us into the autumn, winter and beyond. Only now looking for the peace that always sits in side of us. Whatever happens next, let’s remain unified in peace. Why?


The London Flower Lover maat  sunflower Collage

For peace to come into the world it needs you in order, for you to come into balance. Fulfilling that need is the highest act of love, and only through your love can you fulfill your love for others. Turn to your inner peace, as you are in the world, for the protection of the world. Because,if we are one then the good I do to you I have done to myself—is this not the key to wealth and health?

shifts happen!



The Team


The London Flower Lover

About Thelondonflowerlover

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4 Responses to Flowers for Scotland’s vote for Continued Peace and Interdependence

  1. Terri says:

    Your last sentence made me laugh out loud. I think I need to embroider that into a sampler and have it over my desk.

    Your bouquets are a lovely commemoration to the idea that it is better to stay together and work out differences than to try going it alone. There are many time unity is indeed best. The effect I see in the U.S. is that people I have heard talking about state secession are now saying, well, it’s fun to talk about when we’re mad, but if it came down to it, working for change while remaining united is better. I think the Scottish vote will tame a few tempers on this side of the Atlantic.

    Wishing the U.K. prosperous and joyful centuries ahead!

    • Wow, thank you for the wonderful considered comment. We really do need weach other. We are seeing an aging population in the UK and the US, we are seeing we need to find ways to work together to ensure we all beneift form a riches which are abundant. Maybe it’s working with nature that brings up this mindset. We thank you for sharing your thougtful words. We are here to engage is conversatins especially around the time of change so that we really can guide the energy that we have at our fingertips to wield.

      Thank you for sharing, thank you.

  2. It’s my hope, dream and prayer that the UK, the US, and eventually all of the other quarrelsome and complicated and colorful conglomerations of humanity in this crazy world will one day find that they are, indeed, family, and live in peace. Not in homogeneity; peace. Or as it was taught to me in my art classes: “unity in diversity”—a number of distinct and different elements coming together to create a richer and more meaningful whole.
    Thanks for this reminder!
    Love and peace to *you*, too!


    • That is part of our purpose to. To use flowers as an inspiration to remind ourselves and others to focus on that part of our being that is naturally peaceful. It’s beautiful, just like the beauty of the diverse flowers we have the delight to express joy through. This opportunity to take the place of joy and peace into our conversations with each other which are on the face of it in conflict. They are just a set up in our mind. What ever road we take, we can choose to be the same person, peaceful, joyful, beautiful. It looks like we are in art, floristry, parenting, politics or some other job but what is the purpose of that role?

      Play you in our role full out. Imagine if Oprah decided work in flowers how would she do it? If our great sages where shop assistants, or police men, or mothers, or teachers, or any job we see in the everyday world. How would they be? how would the do this? This is what this post reminds me. Not to wait for the ideal role. Instead to just do the peace and joy now and allow it to flow.

      What ever it is, we can support each other with being even more of the peace that is natural to us right now. This aligns to our ‘floristic’ intelligience, which then shows us any opportunities for being thankful for being receptive to putting us always in the right place to be the peace we want to see in the world.

      Thank you always for sharing your honesty. We always welcome it. It reminds us to always keep our own lives at the centre of this process of peace and joyful life……mmmmm We recieve you!

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