Flowers and cake for, ‘The Dance of the Dissident Daughter: A Woman’s Journey from Christian Tradition to the Sacred Feminine ‘

Beloved Flower Lover,

….a honey filled smile danced across her face. This beautiful woman,  humble in dress and manner came over to us. It was our day off.

Sitting in the sizzling summer sun. We looked around at nature. It had re-greened itself. Resplendent. High Summer. The lavender attracted the purr and hum of the bees. They murmured sweetness in our ears. We laughed as we enjoyed the very warm day. Yes, the day was a beautiful reflection of how the earth re-greens herself each summer. We welcomed her.High Summer

An invisible connection across the floral linked us. We acted like we knew it too… that we knew our life was about to change. As our heart and mind spoke in unison

So she, gentle, quiet, definitely someone who avoided hogging the limelight entered that window. Entered through that door. Into our floral universe.

She was just like the sort of woman you are imagining right now.  Her sensuous, big, dark eyes were asking to be anonymous…asking not to be betrayed. A nervous almost sexy tingle erupted in the body. Whose body? Was this about betrayal between women. We knew she was going to share a story that we were totally not expecting!

Eating carrot, oats and lavender cake made from a mothers love, we invited her to enjoy a slice with us together…

Something was building up, rising, mounting!

summer lavender cake The London Flower Lover

I don’t want to leave my religion, but I know there is more out there….please show me how you use flowers to honour femininity….

It was a full on blurt out…which made us want to choke out our floral cake.

Silence from us….we were expecting the standard request about flowers. The conventional. The what you see everywhere. Yet the tiger had now entered the room and we were now happy to feed her. Honest, sociable, gracious, friendly. Independent to make her own choice about power of the feminine. The dynamite was about to blow.

Yet, she was clearly wanting to be anonymous with her request, so we quieted down too. We wanted her to achieve what ever she needed . Could we really hear this. Maybe we might not want to hear….

 “please let me know how I can still keep my relationship with God in my church, and enjoy the Divine feminine”

We could see she was a mindful woman, a devoted lover of peace. Open and receptive. Yet scared!

I have no idea about divine feminine, but I feel an urge to reveal, discover and recover.

I don’t want to upset my man.

She was radiating how she felt.  Like her world was going to collapse with the heaviest weight of over guilt. She winced as she stroked her lower back and touched upon her unspoken power. We could not help noticing a bailiffs letter sticking out of her handbag. Was it going to be anger, guilt, bullying or something else…who were we going to engage under all of that?

Mother Teresa came into our hearts…

” but I want to learn more about the sacred feminine. I am not a hippy, but I want to learn more about the divine womb. I want to learn from men and women. I do not want to fight men. I am scared, terrified, men might come and ….”

No judgement from us. She was climbing out of the pit of should’s and leading from her heart. She was looking for sisters who love the whole world. Who could say the unsayable. She was looking to lighten up with beauty. It was not a one size fits all floralversation.

“I  grew up with a lot of men who laughed at women and now I want to know more.”

I am an adult, I want to ask the question about how can a person be born from a rib when we have a womb?

Her passion was ignited. She said it. You could see she had given herself permission to say what she was thinking. To feel safe and secure. To take on the bully.

We scanned. The body. The breathe, the emotion, the thought. Space was made for a new decision. For all.

We made no fast movements.

Just breath… breath, breath.

The lavender was reassuringly comforting.

She was giving herself her own answers….

“name it hun”

Our only quiet response

All we could do was write down a few names on a sheet of paper…. Sue Monk Kidd, Meggan Watterston  and Mami Wata


Carrot oats and lavender cake

Carrot oats and lavender cake


We listened without scrutiny. No betrayal. Her watery hesitancy had opened up her beauty. Her dark, sweet, delicious, vulnerabilities. Her purpose was reborn. No betrayal today. Her cradle, her receiver to express the love she already had in her dark moist waters, broke towards herself.

Relationship, weddings, babies and deception all came up…

What did she need right now?


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Closing our eyes, we relished.  As she talked, we reveled. As we listened we savoured. We basked as we celebrated her unfolding as the most quietly beautiful flower in the garden.

Satisfying all the joy that came out of the earth, we enjoyed the fully erect nature of  the sun, whilst basking in how the earth glitters in the moonlight as she re-greens herself every summer.

Here we were.

She decided to take all the effort  into rebuilding her self identity. Asking the next question. Can I actually live with this?

That’s when the baliffs letter was formally revealed and put clearly onto the table.


Talking until the sun dipped and died that night .


Knowing who makes the decision to deliver the fruits of life

Talking until the sun rose again. Reborn from the dark place.

Opened up by our soiree of the Divine feminine. We allowed our floralicious cake to guide our own unique ways to express her. Independent of what others think we know that the Floralicious Universe is here!

The Floralicious Universe is here. The Floralicious Universe is here!



The Team

p.s. Sue Monk Kidd, who was born in Sylvester, Georgia, graduated from Texas Christian University with a B.S. in nursing in 1970. She worked throughout her life as a Registered Nurse and college nursing instructor at Medical College of Georgia.

She got her start in writing when a personal essay she wrote for a writing class was published in Guideposts and reprinted inReader’s Digest. She went on to become a Contributing Editor at Guideposts.

Her first books, God’s Joyful Surprise (Harper SanFrancisco, 1988) and When the Heart Waits (Harper SanFrancisco, 1990), were spiritual memoirs describing her experiences in contemplative Christianity. The Dance of the Dissident Daughter(Harper SanFrancisco, 1996) introduced themes from feminist theology.

Her first novel, The Secret Life of Bees (Viking, 2002) set in the American civil rights movement of 1964, was written over three and a half years. It has been produced on stage in New York by The American Place Theater and been adapted into a movie by Fox Searchlight, starring Dakota Fanning, Queen Latifah, Jennifer Hudson, Alicia Keys and Sophie Okonedo. Her second novel, The Mermaid Chair, was published in 2005, it won the 2005 Quill Award for General Fiction and made into a 2006 Lifetime movie of the same name.


bonus poem

A is for Auset, she of the womb, a Mother Goddess, one who creates;

B is for blood, for new life passes through her womb and is birthed by it;

C is for clarity, for the Goddess holds the mirror of reflection for whoever seeks her;

D is for deity for the Goddess is the feminine form of God;

E is for elevation, for the divine feminine shows us how to raise our vibration using the serpent energy of kundalini, and become one with all;

F is for forgiveness, for forgiveness moves us forward and opens our hearts;

G is for goddess,  an expression of energy that supports, creates and nurtures all life. All is well.

H is for Hetheru, the  Goddess of motherhood, beauty, and joy;

I is for Isis and Ishtar and Inanna, all goddesses of fertility;

J is for Jesus, for he got it; he understood the feminine principles and exalted them;

K is for kindness, for kindness restores humility;

L is for love, for the divine feminine embodies the power of love, especially in her body, which comes from her expression of being at peace first.

M is for Maat , She who opens the doorway to the deeper mysteries of love,  abundance and give and take;

N is for Neter,the latin source of the word natural and nature

O is for osmosis, for when we follow the love in the heart, everyone around us feels it;

P is for peace and power being one of the same

Q is for Quan Yin, the Asian goddess of love and self compassion

R is for Rhiannon, the Celtic goddess of the moon;

S is for Sekert, the moon Goddess of power of planning, cycles, elders and death.

T is for together, for we are all connected;

U is for universe, for the goddess is and has always been a universal consciousness of peace, love, and joy

V is for Venus, the Roman goddess of love and sexuality; the creational earth mother and jewel of the sky;

W is for the we women, are the source of our own  who reminds us that freedom is essential;

X is the unknown in algebra, the space of possibilities and peace , whatever you need it to be;

Y is for Yemanya, thegoddess of the sea;

Z is for zero, that place of peace which is the source of the celebration of the divine feminine, we will rise to greater heights.



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  1. What a magnificent post, from beginning to end. I am deeply moved by it. 🙂
    Love and Peace!


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