Friday, January 31 Chinese New Year 2014: Gong hey fat choy!

Beloved Flower Lover,

Friday, January 31

Chinese New Year 2014:  Chinese New Year, is also know as the Lunar New Year.

The London Flower Lover

The London Flower Lover

red roses, artichoke The London Flower Lover

The 15-day festival,  starts on January 31 this year. It starts with the first new moon of each calendar year and ends on the full moon.

Homes are cleaned top to bottom before the beginning of the new year, and all cleaning equipment is put away before New Year’s Eve because it’s believed that good fortune may be swept away if cleaning is done on New Year’s Day.

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Before New Year’s Day, homes are decorated with trays of oranges and tangerines (which are also brought by visitors during the holiday), a sweets and candy tray with eight kinds of dried sweet fruits, and live plants and vases of fresh flowers. Desires for the new year are written on red paper.

red rose bouquet on grass mat

There is a focus on ancestors and family members who have passed during the festival. On New Year’s Eve, a dinner for ancestors is arranged at the family banquet table, so that all family members, deceased and living, can ring in the new year with a communal feast (called weilu),

On the second day, the Chinese pray to both their ancestors and to all of the gods.

The London Flower Lover

The London Flower Lover

Many people abstain from meat on the first day, as that is believed to bring good luck for the year. Instead they eat vegetarian dish called jai, which contains ingredients like lotus seed (signifying having many male children), dried bean curd (representing wealth and happiness) and bamboo shoots. Fresh tofu is not included, as the white colour is considered bad luck and representative of death and misfortune.

Red is a key colour for New Year’s celebrations, as it symbolizes a bright and happy future. People wear red during this period. Children, unmarried friends, and close relatives are given little red envelopes (lai see) with money inside for good luck.

2014 marks the beginning of the Year of the Horse: this animal signifies surprises in adventure and romance and people born during this year are believed to be good communicators, kind, talkative, independent, and impatient.

We give thanks for life and being able to share peace and joy where ever you, doing what ever you are doing, being just as you are right now.

Peace, love and joythe london flower lover i allow it red roses

The Team

About Thelondonflowerlover

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15 Responses to Friday, January 31 Chinese New Year 2014: Gong hey fat choy!

  1. NotAPunkRocker says:

    Beautiful pictures and I love the information regarding the coming new year.

    • Hi ya Not a punk rocker, you know we have come back again to read this and just wanted to say we can use this time to give thanks for our purpose in life. To use our senses. Each one to enjoy our unique purpose. It’s so wonderful to be able to use this time to express our unqiue purpose for 2014. To use our most entrancing gifts to enjoy putting ourselves in a view point of our own images of ourselves. Peaceful in the face of challenges, whilst enjoying the desires we are about. We know this time pushes peoples buttons. Some of what we offer is about using the sensual nature of flowers to help us to be surrounded by beauty. This itself will help direct our mindset. So we have instigated this post to remind us that what we want, wants us. SO we must match the frequency of what we want so it matches us. This is where the beauty of flowers can help us to explore our attitudes to our purpose.

      So we see this as a great opportunity to reflect back into ourlives the feelings we want to have whilst we imagine our goals for 2014 achieved.

      Choosing a lovely flower can help us to symbolise the feelings of our goals achieved. To look on the inside for those feelings , an inner journey to find us to experience the feelings of the goals we hold precious and to imagine a flower that reflects that.

      What feelings would have to be in that situation we are holding as precious. So we can be open minded about the sort of flower that reflect that feeling that would have to be in that purpose of that most precious desire, achieved. Those values motivate us, they help to move us towards it.

      So as you consider 2014 and your desires achieved will also enjoy exploring and making clear the values made obvious.

      Again, you can use flowers as a way to energise that most valuable desire of yours. If it matters to you. It matters.

      Consider this. Because, what you want wants you too.

    • NotAPunkRocker says:

      This is absolutely beautiful. Mind if I quote you in a post this week? With a link back,of course 🙂

    • Everyone has their own way of saying thank you. We are saying it now with ordinary words. Thanks for popping by and sharing this with others you love. We give thanks that we are able to be an opening for this love,peace and light that we can shine on our shadows. So we can intergrate what we have learnt from last year into this new lunar year.

      Change and being entranced by the beauty of life, symbolised by the amazing life force of flowers is what entrances and heals and brings forward our deepest desires.

      We give thanks

    • You are so welcome! Your photos are really beautiful and your article was interessting. I learned a lot.
      What is your name?
      You can call me Paulette

      Paulette Le Pore Motzko

    • Thank you for such appreciation. We breathe in love, beauty and joy, a feeling, a messenger of happiness just from your simple enquiry.

      Your simple question makes us so smile, with peace.

      We are a team of florists here in London who are ‘mindful’ about the frame of mind that we create energetically and can send using the symbology and life force of flowers.

      We look forward to you popping back again as we come over and see you.

    • You are a talented writer and philosopher as well. Thanks for taking your time to write me such a nice thoughtful note.

      You can call me Paulette.

      One day I would love to travel to England. It reminds me of the movie Mary Poppins. 🙂

      Paulette Le Pore Motzko

    • Paulette, thank you for your kind, gentle, caring words. They are considerate and encouraging. We are service to something bigger, the divine and that’s who you may be recognising.

      You are very kind, we find that flowers and our love for them have helped us trigger that talent. Things changed for us as we deepened our floristry. What you want wants you we found. We learnt to match the love, joy, beauty, happiness that we saw in our designs within ourselves. That led us to observing what we also had an opportunity to remove from ourselves. Those things like frustration,anger, sadness, grief, or worry. We found we needed to befriend these feelings and learn from them. That process helped to deepen our floristry work. It kept us engaged as we continued to see beauty. So rather than just get on with the technique of floristry we went on an inward journey that caused us to find our inner criteria for the purposes we desire.

      Again, we are in service to the divine and like everyone else are finding our way of expressing it, using what we have been given.

      So we remained open minded about how to use flowers. The technques and the chose of calla, roses, orchids, lillies and more. Just the emotional states that they stirred got us to consider the values that motivated us to recognise what drive us forward.

      We are Londoners and have left details on the sidebar on our blog to help anyone who is travelling here to get around. We remain in service.

      You can call us The London Flower Lover, we are happy with that.

      Enjoy and thank you again Paulette

    • You are so eloquent and sensitive. You are so much more than a florist or someone that arranges flowers and beautiful things of the earth.

      Thank God for Word Press that enables me to meet someone like you.

      Paulette Motzko

    • Paulette, we love this exchange….your ability to respond, to listen , to recieve, guides us and others to explore whats important to them to.

      We are in service to the divine, so what we do is about that, not about us.

      Thank you for this conversation because it helps us and others to weave into our selves the ability to smile at that opportunity to relax and to be fully present as we enjoy…flowers and anything else that can stills and calms us. To be at peace…at unleashing new feelings of optimism and defining our purpose in the most beautiful way….using flowers giving us the opportunity to get clearer, to uncover those peaceful, comfortable, happy, feelings. Deepening that comfort as we wonder what flowers we might be working with today….the gateway, that serves our inspiration that we begin on a blank canvas, or a vase and consider the feelings we would value the most….yes choosing flowers and noticing which ones that feel the best for us, you, me, symbolically paints that wonderful picture…

      We also give thanks for WordPress too. We really, really, really do. They are like a cradle for passion. They are like warm welcoming arms, using their techie skills to support themselves and others to be the best we can be.

      We are all interlinked, doing what we love, doing our purpose and being rewarded magnificently. We all have talents that come from us, which have certain values. As we give them time to get clearer, acting on them, keeping us in sync with our purpose makes things happen.

      What we want wants us and we are all connected. As we assume the feeling of the what we desire, we awaken, with a beautiful smile.

      We are in service to the divine, its not about us, its about us, getting out of the way and being a channel for the divine. We are in service to you.

      Thanks Paulette, thanks for allowing us to say all of this and wrap our minds and hearts around this way of being. recieving the appreciation from you is wonderful! Thank you.

    • God bless you in every way.

      Paulette Motzko

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