The Flowering Age Safeguards our Future

Beloved Flower Lover,

In the holiday’s we stood in the peaceful place outside of time and space. That place outside of our box. That place that appreciates the principles of life that gives rise to our nature. The place that kisses us back.

Mmmmmmmmmmm what a wonderful way we got back into work. We are reminded that the flowering age starts in the dark as we begin the work cycle of early dark mornings, travelling in London rain and more. We are back.

Back to the wholesalers. Back to new stock, back to new orders, back to new and old smiles…back to being busy already with the soft tender kisses of energy that we feel as we go about keeping our equipment tidy, clean and in order after working and delivering wreathes and more.

We are soaking up our kisses from the rain splashing on us in London. Kisses of rain that feel like the energy of us ‘raising our game’, this side of the year. We are even more enthusiastic about and keeping and maintaining the room for love to grow as we move around in the darkness of this time of year. By loving it, touching it, smelling it, looking at it even more. We rest in its comfort. We know we still have to nourish and nurture, in the dark until things grow even more. It matters to us all.

Today as we looked at sprouts we were reminded that it was all started from a seed. The angiosperm.

We turn to our note books and read that

Angiospermae, sometimes called Anthophyta (anthe = flower; phyto = plant)  is the common name for this group of  “flowering plants.”

nourishing the seed

Open and willing to experience and re-experience life, we can see how a sprouting seed, which holds and feeds its embryo readies itself to be born into the external environment.

A seed. The angiosperm.

That seed borne in a vessel, that germinates as it is watered and releases its nourishment buried inside it’s fertile environment has been our focus today. The sprout, the baby plant comes from the embryo which lives of the nourishment of the dark place of the seeds placenta. The space which feeds possibility is a place of everlasting comfort which may or may not produce flowers and fruits  as we want it, but is still in order with the cycle of things.

Not knowing the final result is what we call the unknown. Nevertheless we continue adjusting ourselves within this loving place. We can take neither gain nor loss to heart because we know we are nourished what ever the outcome, from it’s darkness of peace and calm. That eternally quiet and still place, which fuels the huge diversity of insects, birds, flowers and others on our home planet. How we relate to that matters.


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It’s not always easy to do that in times of challenge.

By finding ways to nourish the truth of who we are, actually safeguards our future. It’s a way of upping our game, by recognizing that we are indeed the seed of a situation. That we come with a part already inside us. The fuel, and the energy already that nourishes ourselves and others. We know this because we see, hear, feel and smell how it has created the diverse flowering in our lives.

Because of all of that, we continue to openly give and receive flowers as our way of offering and acknowledging this eternal process that happens out of sight, away from view, in the darkness. Whatever the fruits and flowers of this may be in the coming summer and autumn, we remain at peace.

Today, we invite you to have a look at our sprouts that we have been germinating and reflect on your own comfort and peace of that dark seed place within you. Why, it’s simply, it safeguards yours and our future. Together.

The Team

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The London Flower Lover

maybe you might like to sprout your own seeds too!


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