Destiny, dried flowers and going to London the City of Love after paying of their 25 year old mortgage. Life after life for an elderly couple

Beloved Flower Lover,

She was wearing her blue sapphire and onyx earrings, necklace and ring as she finally touched down in Heathrow airport, London. Flashing a brilliant celebrity smile, she was wearing an all black ensemble befitting her beautiful older lady status. She was accompanied by her steadfast husband. Both reserved in speech and thrifty they had made it to their ‘city of love’, London: UK.

Stable and steadfast in their marriage they had grown to appreciate the value of plans, structure and limitations. They were patient, hard-working people and now they were in London


During the leaner times in their lives she had really got to love dried flowers. She had learnt a lot about them by reading the period dramas after she saw them on TV. She loved the fresh flowers and whenever she felt lonely, missing her beloved as he worked long hours at his garage she would look at the flowers he had given her previously.

She began to dry them, hanging them up in the airing cupboard. She collected boxes of them, roses being her favourite. She explored her thoughts and feelings of loneliness because she knew she had to keep herself on track rather than become derailed by those emotions.

Over their long marriage he, her steadfast husband had often worked very late and was only just able to watch a couple of hours of TV  with her before he then fall asleep. Often on the sofa with his mouth half open. He was under his own’ productivity’ spell.

She  would look at him nightly and soon learned how to make the most of those few hours together and the flowers he would bring.

She found their beauty and scent a warm reminder and regularly transformed them into potpourri. It was simpler than becoming derailed by the depression about not having what she wanted.

the london flower lover dried roses sekert

Incredibly she learnt this through restraint, through being frugal especially as his business was going through a difficult time. She questioned her ‘bad feelings’, especially when she saw herself feeling envious of others. Especially those who had gone onto Europe well before they had.

She  saw that she was not thinking straight when she was attempting to find her wellbeing through doing lots of things. She had listened to friend and tried what some of them had suggested was normal. Depression, mistrust, suspicion along with other negative consequences of being frightened by her thoughts. Just being frightened of the feelings and that they would go on and on forever getting worse and worse. She had done it all, with a daily dose of coffee. And she did not like it at all.

Yet it was in another period of solitude, when no one was around that she came across some fundamental principles of life.

It was after another coffee induced headache that she began to make small steps in a different direction.  A direction that taught her that she could never be lonely because  in truth, she came from a source that could never actually leave her. From a source  of life that could never be scarce because it was infinity itself. So logically, it was only a misconception that had led her to mistake her situation as one she did not like.

Travelling around on the London Tube,  it began to dawn on her that she had discovered and rediscovered  that she already had all what she needed. Underneath all of London’s glamour another gift was being given. A thought that she could stop striving. She had made a transition and saw the simplicity the intrinsic nature of her being.

Before this she had only bought into the idea that life was just going to get harder, and was essential using worry as a way to sort problems.  In fact she worried her way to happiness, believing that was normal. That when you solved all what you worried about, that then you can be happy. Like a little treat after real life.

At that time she had had no idea that she was reacting to her own mind. She thought she was dealing with life head on  as it appears. She did not realise it was just how she decided to think. She had thought that anyone  who did not worry was an irresponsible fool and did not know life.

Life did not look like it had a happiness option. It seemed like you had to be a drop out to be happy or very irresponsible. Yet somehow as she looked at her husband with his crows feet and lined forehead she realised that it was because she loved his flowers and used her own energy to reverse the messages she got from her friend who complained about him never being home, that she was able to get this far in her life. With patience.

She looked at those dried flowers that she recycled with the energy of love and knew she had stayed on track. No envy. She gave thanks.

the london flower lover dried roses sekert

Now she was ready to enjoy London!

Yes, today they were property owners, no longer debtors. They had paid off their 25 year old mortgage and had already paid for their funeral so that their children would not have to ‘worry’ about it. With all of that life experience they had come to learn that life was ordained and that they could not be in London until the right time.

And today was the right time in her life to enjoy London town. Today she toured the City of London, London’s Parks,  London’s suburbs, London’s social scene, London’s many world cultures, London’s gardens, and then had a day outside of London to Bronte country.

Of course as flower lovers we love their story and wish them and yourself all the best as  you use the  time to enjoy the beauty of life what ever the size of your purse.

The team say “enjoy your dried flowers along with your fresh and see you next time”

In peace

The Team

The Londn Flower Lover


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