Cut your roses at a slant and pop in hot water to stop the wilt: says London Florist

Beloved Flower Lover,

She came in after work and looked at the roses she had bought at lunch. They had drooped, they had wilted, they looked not like what roses ought to look like. So she had already  re-cut the ends on a slant and made sure that the  water was still clean. Yet the heads drooping made her a little disappointed.

We suggested to her to cut the steams again, (we don’t like suggesting to crush the ends) . To also pop them into boiling water. Leave them there and wait. This should make them put their heads back up again. We have done it over and over again in our practice and see the change in a few hours. Sometimes overnight.

Cutting the stems again about half an inch up from the bottom and submerge the fresh cut ends into boiling water for about 30 seconds was the offical advice we write down we said. You should see little air bubbles escaping from the cut ends of the stems. If not don’t worry you cant always see them if the water’s still bubbling.  Flower Care begins as soon as you first get them. It will ‘lift’ the heads and makes them last longer.

Some one else in the LFL team  suggested that you can do the same flower care with roses as well as tulips which is to pierce the stem about 1/2 an inch under the flower all the way through with a needle – it works every time with droopy tulips.

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The scientists in our team say that premature wilting is not always a sign of an old rose. It usually indicated that air is trapped in the stem and the stem needs to again be cut. So that’s why submerging the entire rose including the stem and leaves in a pan of warm water or bathtub helps. The rose usually revives again within an hour and can be replaced in the arrangement.

Also, not cleaning the vase will insure that the pores in the stems will not be able to get the water to the bloom and then you will have wilting cut roses. You will need to carefully wash the vase with household bleach. A half a teaspoon full will do the trick. Rinse the vase completely with warm water to get out the bleach.

Place under running water and cut the bottom of the stems, about one half inch, at an angle. Remove the leaves that will show below the waterline of the filled vase. This is super important as these leaves will get rotten and cause disease. Immediately place in room temperature water to avoid air bubbles.  Then change the water daily and add rose food.

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  1. Carstens says:

    Thank you so much for this information! My daughter just had a baby Wednesday and loving friends and family have brought her many lovely flowers, including roses. They are already looking sad, probably because of being under an air conditioning vent. I’m going to perk the flowers all up today so everyone can enjoy them.

  2. Love this thank you for sharing!

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