Flowers from London to love our little girls, flowers to love our daughters, flowers for the ‘One Billion Rising’ girls on Valentine’s day

Beloved Flower Lover,

This tiny little thing came in worn out from her tears. She felt angry and ashamed of herself for not liking her mother…unspeakable in some circles.

“come hug”…

…it all changed for her…it all changed for us.

She talked in hushed tones about some of the things her mother had done to her and how it had made her feel about herself. She did not know what to do and was unsure if she was wanted.

We felt the preciousness of the moment…We felt protective yet knew our boundaries as we got down low and eye to eye. We continued to offer her a hug and just allow her to speak. She was so clear in her confusion.

Honoured by her courage to speak, we asked her to choose a flower that made her smile. Her face lit up. She looked like heaven on earth. Sparkling.

“When you feel like that, remember the beauty of this flower in your imagination. Just sit here and look at the beauty of this flower. That is you. You are so needed”. We stopped and then started again.” You just being here is important for us all. We would all miss out if you were not here. You are needed, to help us all thrive.You are not just wanted, but needed just as you are. You are a natural beauty”. She looked like a sponge absorbing and soaking up this perspective.

We let her sit for all the time she needed and got some drawing paper. We drew a scales and asked her if she knew how it worked. She took the pen and showed us what she knew. We both talked about balance, opposites  counter-balance. How beauty, laughter and calm relaxation were perfect counterbalances to anger, sadness, for all women. Little like her, big like us. That as she sat in the energy of beauty, peace and calm that she became the experience of the right answers. Empowered. She just stared out, rediscovering the experience of beauty and peace as a universal tool for empowerment.

What would you do if that calm relaxation of beauty and peace were created from your own imagination and feelings first? Her eyes blinked.

We gave her the flower.

We gave thanks to her for providing us the space to receive the energy of letting go of victim hood ourselves. Just by sharing it with a girl, soon to become a woman. To feel the empowerment of womanhood through girl-hood ‘appreciation’ of the shaping gifts hidden within disappointments and anger.

We gave thanks for being able to energise the turnaround energy of passion, and for nourishing the energy of her passion.  Gifts,talents, joys.

To give thanks for the challenges as a way to empower today with today’s energy of passion.

gift to the london flower lover from artacrossmexico

We know just to spend 18 seconds focusing on the beauty of a little girl changes the world.

We know that just doing that for another little girl far away or nearby has impacts and benefits each and every one of us right now.

And we know we can share this love without shouting. Just by sharing our passion for beauty, for flowers, for peace.

We also know that talking about this also allows us to be ok with standing in that energy long enough for the men in our lives (who were little boys) to be who they are meant to be…protectors and lovers of the feminine.

Have you ever noticed how little boys can get shut down too if they are not encouraged to love the beauty of the feminine? Have you noticed how they also rise to the occasion of loving the feminine when they are encouraged to cherish the feminine?

We offer that energy today pre valentines, pre mothers day. To express compassion for your own little daughter.

We celebrate little girls. We adore the passion of women, the feelings of women, the feelings of all little girls everywhere!

the london flower lover

We create from this passion essence. And it’s radical as a way to take care of yourself.

i love you green leaf

We love how flowers can give permission to the men who love women to celebrate their daughters and the women in their lives who were once little girls.

We love the way flowers can give us all permission to just fill our hearts with pure joy and allow that to spill over into our interactions with each other.

flowers for your heart desires

One Billion Rising, ( is a movement we have come across designed to use creativity to get you excited about using creativity to end violence towards women and our little girls.

We invite you to get excited to explore your own creative way to celebrate little girls and women as a way to stop violence towards women, small or big.  To get excited to take care of the little girls in your life by giving them flowers.

We are all connected, so loving the little girl in you, loves the little girls in us. Loving our daughters, sisters, mothers, cousins, aunts, nieces now, allows for us all women and men alike to flourish. We hope you can sleep more, play more and enjoy the beauty of your passions so much more.

lots of love

The team

The London Flower Lover

p.s. check link below about how others are supporting one billion girls on valentine’s day

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5 Responses to Flowers from London to love our little girls, flowers to love our daughters, flowers for the ‘One Billion Rising’ girls on Valentine’s day

  1. Alastair says:

    What a great post


    • Thank you.

      It was inspired by a very deep connection and it was agreed that it was perfect to share.

      We know you are a great man with kids and trust you might feel free to get some flowers for the younger girlies in your family for valentines.

      It’s a great time to let them know that they are loved just as they are.

      Thank you for your consistent male support. It is so positive. Thank you, thank you, thank you. It supports us all.


  2. catnipoflife says:

    That little girl will carry a memory with her for a lifetime and one day that memory will surface as she shares a flower with someone in need!


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