The thought of a woman experiencing pleasure!

Beloved Flower Lover,

The thought of a woman interested in her pleasure is often controversial.

A woman’s emotional brain and body are naturally wired for pleasure. To fully embody the emotions of pleasure and peace is natural to her.

Yet, when her animal and mammalian brains are stressed i.e.  she is feeling threatened (scared, frustrated, grieving, anxious, angry, worried, bored, tired, depressed, or sad), that embodiment can turn ugly.  Those perceived threats send stressed messages via her nervous system as stress hormones into the cells of her brain’s frontal cortex.

The front of the brain, that  ‘divine ‘ part of her makeup that is designed to express our ‘higher’ qualities like unconditional love, peace and joy just for the sake of it, then withers.  She then craves all sorts of things. And yes we so know that feeling.

The frontal cortex of the brain only flourishes and activates those beautiful feelings we all enjoy in a hormonal environment of calm, relaxation and joy. Feelings that also comes from resting, sleeping, doing nothing and patience, as well as beauty and a chosen sensual pleasure.

So perhaps, this knowledge creates for us a pause button. A great opportunity to  re-value, pleasure for the sake of it. Be it the pleasure of rest, sleep, doing nothing or following your bliss. It makes saying yes to empowering a woman’s pleasure and peace a priority.

By saying yes to empowering a woman’s peace and pleasure despite life challenges we are actually tapping into the natural design of our make up. By triggering the spirit of calm, relaxation and joy , we are using our ‘pleasure senses’ to flow through life.

Delicious colours, smells, tastes, touch.  We all know what pleasures our senses. Those pleasure feelings that feed our frontal brain into a place of calm and relaxation become our life line. It’s these senses then that become our natural compass of reality.

Reassuringly the shift into feeling peaceful happens when those tense perceived threats are processed using anything relaxing and natural. Anything that stimulates the physical senses naturally fills up our relaxation, calm and joy fuel tank, rather than overfill the adrenalin fuel tank. Then our frontal brain gets activated and our natural talents are encouraged and cultivated.

Like men, a woman’s senses are designed to enjoy pleasure. To switch her from stress to peace and joy, requires peace and joy. Sleep and fun. Women glow and exude a sense of confidence when they allow themselves to enjoy their senses and rest. They feel beautiful, they express their goddess!

flowers and wellbeingsorryimages

Again, flowers are an obvious expression and guide in activating her. This post, this blog holds space for that. It respects her 8,000 nerve endings. A woman’s connection to pleasure and peace through her physiology. It can be cool to use flowers practically. As our guide to help us create two endings to any situation. Stress, or peace/pleasure.

We can look at the natural beauty of flowers, pause, breathe in calm and breathe out relaxation. As we do that other ideas about how to respond to a situation can come into our hearts.

So, there is no real reason to be scared of a woman’s sensual place. For those who think that a woman who is interested in her pleasure is somehow sexual negativity, just needs to meet a happy woman and notice how we all benefit.

Enjoying her pleasures, savouring herself, finding other ways to pleasure herself , filters out to others. So let’s encourage her pleasure.Because when she is stressed we can encourage peacefulness, like sleep. When her tank is filled encourage pleasure!

If you read this and say ‘if only’, then maybe it’s really offering you a sweet invitation to invest in gentle self forgiveness and self deserving activities.

Whatever this uncovers and opens up for you about pleasure. We are interested in serving your floral pleasures and discovering where could it take you?

The Team

The London Flower Lover

peace joy love and beauty moves moutains green bowl


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  1. catnipoflife says:

    GO TO CATNIP [] and accept the invitation into the Sisterhood of World Bloggers. Be sure to leave a comment of acceptance. Then, once you post the badge and information to your site return to catnip and let me know it is complete. At that time, I will add you to the list and link to your site.


    • We give thanks for your comment. We are giggling, smelling lovely roses, feeling tenderly touched and hearing your delightful voice. Thank you, love energy allows us all to enjoy our amazing world, expressed through our sensuality. Yes we all get turned on. Thank you for the appreciation. It’s beautiful. We love your sunny voice too. You too progress many others. xxxxx


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