Flowers, school dinner protestors and how to educate ourselves about the value of joy and beauty

Beloved Flower Lover,

For most, we give or receive gorgeous flowers because it feels good on the inside. We smile brightly. Their mirror neurons reflect back the ‘joy infection’ producing an even bigger smile. Lot’s of exciting scrumptious feel good hormones get pumped around our system. The world is delectably expanded. And that expansion circulates there it seems.  Simple.

Yet there is so much more to learn and un-learn about this lusciously familiar internal feel good factor.

It seems so safe and wonderful to give and receive flowers. Yet for some, having flowers around can also feel very difficult. Even overwhelmingly crushing. To some it feels like having a new, fresh, novel emotion which others say will be good for them, yet you feel is very uncomfortable. Weird, odd, unfamiliar. You may even experience bodily feelings of high risk. Stress. Emotionally depressed, distant, at a loss, angry, worried, arrogant, anxious, or sad, all because having flowers around, surrenders a memory of all of that onto your inner movie screen. Well perhaps knowing us, we would like to gently suggest, it’s a memory possibly submitted for transformation.To be re mastered as your master peace. But our opinion about your inner greatness does not matter here, because it’s always yours!

We were reading a recent email that appeared in our In- box. And as a ‘floral joy beacon’ always in-visioning how we and others make use of our internal emotional wires for joy, pleasure and peace; we read with wonder at the phenomenon occurring in an US high school.

Students are boycotting their school canteen because it wants to introduce healthier meals with more whole grains, fruit and vegetables.

The school has decided it needs to reduce the sugar, salt and fat in school lunches.  It is introducing something new. The children however are refusing to let go of their familiar, burgers, pizza and fries and so are protesting. Yes, objecting, opposing to what appears new, novel and different for what appears to them familiar, comfortable and easy.

This student boycott sends out a delicate, powerful, potent message.  We sense a wonderful prospect here to ‘experience’ more  ‘joy’ and how that helps people make good decisions.

According to Lauren Mellin’s research we will all want so called ‘bad foods’  etc until a person experiences for themselves how to go into brain states of natural joy first.

Yes, this whole food episode says that when we teach children to think for themselves we shouldn’t assume they will use that ability to make ‘wise’ decisions for themselves. Imparted information and personal experience are different. It assumes they really understand their choices.  That they really have had the appetising learning experiences made available to them. That they understand why and how to go into brain states of peace and joy first because it makes us best prepared for good decision making.

Lauren Mellin’s collection of ‘joy research’ says let go of the overload of  stress. Digest unprocessed  emotional information by using a set of ‘internal joy tools’ designed to digest and draw out the best of yourself by using the energy ‘generated’ from you inner created joy. Learning how to generate energy by going into the nothingness of peace and joy first, actually teaches us to make choices and decisions.

We liked Lauren’s brain state research because it feels like a way of unlocking that flavoursome act of self-love. Her work, and these children’s story hits on a fundamental issue.  The value of inner peace and joy. So for us it presents a window of opportunity to really regain an internal appreciation about why for the inexperienced and unfamiliar with  inner self-care, may actually choose to be good to themselves from the inside out first. Why? They,we,us, are just not used to considering inside out care first.

Mmmm what a delicious flavour. And now, Lauren’s work reminds us of ‘other ways’, we can all regain the ‘magic of inside out living’. Simply through sharing the inner joy skills linked around the practise of self-care.

Mmmmmmmm even more delicious!

Yes, it’s the quality of our appreciation of  how inner thought impacts us that counts, not just the ability to think. Our inner brain states make a difference to how willing we are to care for ourselves. And others.  Understanding that thought and feelings are interlinked;  touches, our learning and enjoyment of our lives. Beautifully, this student boycott also asks educators within the school system, to consider what their lifestyle affirms and asserts.

So it’s a skill we give thanks for. To use life stories like this to practise how to hold ourselves in a good feeling zone, through a process of acknowledging our angers, sadness,worry or grief. Let’s keep it real !

So, we, or the school shouldn’t really be surprised that the children‘s lack of  self-awareness of what is best for them, shows up. It will until we have an education system that encourages self care using inner joy to relieve stress as part of formal learning.

We pause and breathe.  We pause even more deeply and smile. We pause and…

It’s very fascinating to us that the message the children are sending to the school here is “teach us to make rational decisions instead of compulsive choices and teach us to see ourselves as others see us instead of thinking of only me, my and mine”. This seems to be at the core of this. There is a lot here for us all to learn and un-learn.

Pausing once more and glancing at our beautiful surroundings we allow questions with solutions to form…

So what is the starting point?

How do we arouse a higher degree of self-care? How, so it builds intensely? integrating stress into joy by emotionally helping us to let go of embarrassments, angers, sadness, guilt and all that in between? How do we go into that pre existing space of inner joy and peace through out the day? We smile, we smile, we smile…

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If a school system is unable to teach basic self-awareness and self-respect for oneself then there is something seriously important going on for us all. An opportunity available for us all. How do we keep principles of inner awe, inner reverence and inner honour alive in a school system? How? How do we keep that  inner veneration going in any system? We smile because the solution already exists. The complement is already here, in harmony. This is such a rich topic to caress our imagination, invited by our welcoming quiet hearts naturally opened to receive our personal answers.

We are all educators in whatever field we operate in. Every interaction with another has educational value, but knowledge or rather information, without joyful, optimistic wisdom could appear to be a waste of time, if we assume that there are no other factors that rights ‘wrongs’. Solutions exist in the inner blue space of our inner mind. Perhaps it’s as we are smiling, perhaps as we go about our daily lives that answers seem to come from out of the blue!

Sssshhh if this is a secret we hope not.

Yes, we are so glad that this story found it’s way into our e-mail in-box because it provided the material for this post. To give thanks for our own re-education process around choice and decision. And how to alter our appreciation of joy, peace and beauty as ‘the’ way to meet our needs.

In this pause time called the autumn equinox, it’s caused  another longer pause generated by another bigger beaming smile. Because in our work we are grateful to be able to look at flowers as an external symbol of inner joy and beauty. We enjoy the link with the inner and material worlds.

Flowers come and go. Cut flowers die !

We hear that all the time as if people have just realised they will not always be there.  It stops there in their minds. They see no other benefits. Yet that is their precise beauty and gift. The circulation of energy generated from this eternal  spinning orbit and loop of love. A  spinning cycle made up of two parts.  One still, the other moving. Peace and joy. Because when they are not there-stillness. We can go ‘revolve’ into the inner peaceful nothing space inside ourselves. And from that place ,  spin and ‘revolve’ around the joy of our own making. An out pouring of our personally created ‘revolution’ of good feelings,  gushes forward.  Orgasmically perhaps. We record feeling renewed, restored, revitalised as we direct our inner compass of our life.

Now that is special and very ordinary and normal all at the same time.

And when we do have them. We can be happy that we can enjoy their physical beauty.

Wow, what a gift that never spoils us. A gift that keeps on giving!

We are grateful that we can put our energy into feeling the passion of surrounding ourselves with flowers when they are there.  And the awesome opportunity, to consciously consider the benefits of learning about deciding to re-gain peace when they are not there. What a place of paradise!

This is the joy available to us, you, me, we, anyone on whatever budget. The message of this post is how we are learning how to awaken to that through our brain states of joy.  In our case we certaintly use the beauty of flowers to enjoy their physicalness and their nothingness quality to experience peace when they are gone.

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We thank you for consciously sharing the experience of this eternal experience of joy and peace

The Team

The London Flower Lover


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3 Responses to Flowers, school dinner protestors and how to educate ourselves about the value of joy and beauty

  1. We need florists like you girls here in ‘paradise’. Sending you a thought Lai of Plumeria and Jasmine. Much Aloha!


    • thelondonflowerlover says:

      Thank you for sharing your sweetness, its our hearts content. Looking forward to you popping by again one day.


    • thelondonflowerlover says:

      We thank our many teachers who have inspired us to bring forward the names of the teachers who we turn to to feel the inspiration you notice here. Dr Darren Weissman, Suze casey,
      Michael Neil,Ra un nefer amen, and Debbie Ford
      are just a few of our current teachers who our voice and talent is drawn out by. To enjoy the way we do our floristry. Thank you for reminding us to share with you who has been instrumental in encouraging us to bring these principles into our work. It also includes many many friends and those who we have had issues with.By learning how and why embracing those issues rather than shun or reject them has shaped ur floristry practice. They have often become our greatest heart teachers teaching us where we want to go in our floristry. We thank people like you. And those who don’t get it, we embrace and are at peace with too. Thank you for the exploration. Floristry has become a guide for us to direct our attention to peace,joy and happiness. Infinite love and gratitude to that and fr being able to share.


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