Laughter, Happiness and Flowers at this Weeks Funeral

Beloved Flower Lover,

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We just finished a massive funeral for a 84 year-old loved up Great Grand Dad in London and wow, the energy was so positive, you would have thought it was a party.

It was so refreshing, so respectful, so rejuvenating.

Resonating healing laughter throughout our studio really helped us create all the flowers including the very personalised floral tributes. There was so much laughter in the studio that night that we knew that it must be a ‘secret healing medicine’.

We delivered the flowers to the house and they were taken by the funeral directors . They put them on display outside the house until they were ready to put them on the cars to be taken to the nearby Church.

St Paul’s, a stunning baroque building in South London,’s,_Deptford, was the formal place where the Priest increased the energy of laughter and happiness, amongst the flowers and tears. His touching stories were rich sources of healing for all. Showers of comedy relaxed the distressed, grieving congreation. The Priest deeply moved and linked jewels of peace, unity, passionate love and courage through the many short stories of the deceased couragous life. Each story touched, stroked and relieved. Giving the grieving family and the congreation time to prepare to put the deceased to rest in peace.  It was lovely. Gently and spontaneously the family, were able to express a balance of feelings.

Grand Dad had been painfully ill for many years. Yet it was the laughter, we remembered. It was the laughter that we decided to capture in our floral creations. The laughter when we received the brief from the family about the story behind them wanting a floral guitar. The belly laughter they shared about Grand Dad’s love for music gave us the heart to focus on the fullest expression of emotions for the floral guitar. It felt glamorous!

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Now being us, we had to look at the science of all that laughter and it’s link to flowers. You see, the sort of laughter we witnessed was the sort where you roll over and bend in giggles. We learnt that laughter is the only human activity that stimulates all four quadrants of the brain.  Releasing healing chemicals in the brain. Laughter dramatically reduces the stress hormone cortisol. Long-term raised levels of cortisol can be a causative factor behind numerous diseases, so keeping cortisol low is very beneficial. Laughter leaves us feeling more vital,bright and alive. Ideal for the time of grief.

Learning to laugh, learning to be joyful, learning to change the collective perceptions of loss, to perceptions of gain, changes the body and brain chemistry so much so that you then feel connected, loved, calm and peaceful. Ideal for a funeral of love. Ideal to change distress, alienation, spontaneously to joy and happiness.

Laughter is a practise we can freely encourage in our lives . We can encourage it’s energy. We recommend it’s practise being triggered, without an external comedy show, joke shared , or comedy film.   Yes, we encourage the expression  of laughter. By finding ways to just recall a memory where we really laughed and to just switch it on. And on and on through the use of laughter rehearsal, we enjoy.

We know that flowers, any favourite flower can also help you feel great. We know research which shows how flowers effects the love and bonding hormone, oxytocin levels in the heart. Just by getting into the practise of really allowing yourself to feel the beauty of the flowers you are percieving as a good thing, makes your brain produce the helpful body chemicals that calm you, and makes you feel loved and able to cope with situations. Flowers and laughter can help you preside over your own happiness. For you to know you have choices. For you to know the choices to choose how to percieve ourselves lives inside you, the reader. The thinker behind the thought is ageless.

Our story here is just our sharing.  You decide for yourself how useful it is for you. We change ourselves rather than expecting  you to change or even value the ideas. Happy with all points of view regarding laughter, happiness and flowers at this weeks funeral we love how you choose to relate to this post. So if you like the idea to play with flowers and laughter, that can be fun. If you don’t want to, it’s perfect too. Not sure, so perfect. It’s all good. Because it’s all good.

Oh by the way we have been wanting to say thank you so much for subscribing, reading, liking and commenting on our posts. And we look forward to your brilliant posts too.

So love you all, and we look forward to hearing from you.

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The Team

The London Flower Lover

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8 Responses to Laughter, Happiness and Flowers at this Weeks Funeral

  1. That’s great – we tend to take death so seriously because we’re so scared of it. How lovely to hear of such a life-filled celebration. I love funerals where you can laugh – it’s like the last hurrah for the departed, and medicine for the ones left behind. You must hear some fabulous stories. Thanks for all those great vids – I’ll watch them every morning! Thanks for finding Full of Life btw – here’s a recent post on laughter


    • Thank you so much for your wonderful comment.We love offering the service of beauty and joy at times when people are scared and anxious. That is our true service with flowers. Thank you for stopping by and your blog is truly beautiful too.


      • Thanks for following! Flowers do so much for us, especially if we live in towns and cities where nature has been mostly banished. When someone dies I tend to give flowers to the ones left grieving, rather than to the one who’s not here to enjoy them. An armful of life and colour celebrates the one who’s died, and just as importantly, celebrates the life ahead for the living. You work with beautiful things and do important work with them.


  2. Ejvind says:

    this was a very inspirational blog, Its great that you show a huge amount of respect, for your beloved who passed away, but at the same time allow yourself to have fun at the party afterwards thats something my family couldnt achieve when my grandmother died she was 100 years old. Laughter is something that we all need 🙂


  3. There’s no question that a happy funeral/memorial is the best kind. No matter how a person died or when, it’s appropriate to celebrate every bit of the good and the joyful that he or she brought to the rest of us simply by existing, even if briefly. Yes, we must mourn our losses, but the greatest way to honor the dead is by focusing our main energies on recalling how they blessed our lives. Flowers are such a lovely and appropriate way of showing that and reminding those others who share the loss what goodness remains ahead.


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