Women Power: Flowers, Sex, Sensuality and Self Care

Beloved Flower Lover,

Women, sex,orgasm and flowers, can be a provocative concept. But, don’t worry you are reading this in private and we are gentle and wholesome!

OK, we are having a ball.

Women have such an amazing power within themselves, an amazing connection to power, an amazing focus on joy, to use gifts talents and ability to serve. Through feminine eyes we learn to love on ourselves. Just recognising that is a way to love ourselves out of anything and into even more love. That’s the power. Or, the way to discover that power.

Flowers remind us that passion in life is necessary. It’s ecstatic, the ability to be in touch and share flowers. When we consider this enjoyable philosophy we also notice how some women and men can learn more about orgasm and self pleasure becuase they are linked with just knowing we are enough and allowing ourselves to be satisfied with where we are right now. The climax.

For women we have been listening to teachers who suggest that for women it’s better not to use the male model of sexual response. They say that the female does not respond that way, so women need to learn about passion from other women. They remind us to be fully satisfied with our own rich feelings of pleasure and to feel that right now. The climax

Sexology and flowers are linked because they both give us feedback about our feelings towards beauty and sensuality. Our ability to be fully satisfied with our own rich feelings of pleasure and to feel that right now. The climax. Our love of what ever we choose to feel passionate about from our heart.

Women need to not be influenced by online porn, although it’s become a universal sex educator because of the internet.

Porn on the Internet is not good  or great information. Yes, it’s information,  Yes, it’s entertainment for men. And some men go onto  expect their wife or their girlfriend to perform, rather than learn, admire and enjoy the way of feminine sensuality. Yet a woman has to experience sensuality to be in the feeling  of the fullness of who women are. She needs to appreicate and be grateful for her power to women practise their good feelings that makes them sensually irresistible. That’s self care, that’s sensuality, that is power.

Women who learn from women about sex,  learn about admiring female pleasure as pleasure that exists within herself first.  Learning not from men who watch porn, but from  anyone who encourages women to enter the richness of a woman in bloom. Young women need to learn about pleasure from women. From women who know how to pleasure themselves from within themselves first. To learn from women who practise ‘the way’, is enough.  To learn the way women use colour, scent, feelings, to touch the imagination, to stir the imagination, to create those feelings that we call happiness, so that they can sit in it and can then share it abundantly.  That is enough. That is satisfaction. The  is a woman’s gift.

Women then expand into their love and sensuality. We know that. We see it. We feel it.

The smiles are bigger and brighter. The movement of the body is deeper and more flowing. The chatter is lighter and brighter. Everything is lush!

When women allow all of themselves to expand with that feeling then everything and everyone else is allowed to enjoy that fully growing energy. So much so that they too feel ignited. We see it as women match themselves up to their better dreams. To their enjoyment.  To rendezvous with their own sensuality.

We see it. Not as a set of feelings that tell them that they do not match up with someone else’s idea of sexiness. No, it’s a space where they can stand in the space of  ‘mainstream’ image comfortably and continue to exude quietly.  The true beauty of a woman in bloom, just as summer blooms. Her true nature.

Why, is any of this important? why is linked to flowers.  Well flowers  connect to our hearts. and remind us of  our visions. The giving and recieving of  flowers goes to the manifestation of our hearts natural desires.

Women who have built up their confidence of themselves to experience themselves as enough are demanding. Not necessarily of other  people as their source, but of themselves to feel into that energy. The energy in what their body knows that they want.  That juice they gain from having trained their bodies,their feelings about themselves to live in a deep well of their own beauty and sensual standards of themselves. Their climax. They are uniquely alive, passionate and powerful.

They then relax.

Yes we went there, to the climax. Its juicy becuase it’s  all about reminding us  about  coming from our heart core. About allowing that heart feeling to come through.

It’s exhilarating becuase it’s also about giving ourselves permission to acknowledge that we are enough, just as we are. Its exciting because its how we  on hang onto sensuality in every way throughout our lives.

It’s exhilarating because it’s about giving ourselves permission to let go of beliefs that had been useful, but not no  longer. They  can let get of the old stories and focus on their juicy sensuality now. They allow themselves to be free.

We are so grateful for learning from you, our readers and our teachers about how to use ‘any’ situation creatively to enjoy life. About how you too have used flowers to imagine and envision what calls to you to create in your life. To frame or reframe life through the beautiful metaphor of flowers. Real or imagined.

Accepting our ability, our power, makes us appreciate how to value this powerful ‘control’  to  envision what our own responses to a situation could be.To know that we can connect with that feeling and be met by those feelings.  So rather than control others, we nourish and nurture our divine worth. That’s at the beginning and ending of all things. Our own permission to enjoy our ability to ask ourselves to feel our sensual enoughness now. And to feel that being met from our own selves.

That’s sexy!

People feel good around that energy.  It’s like flowers, we love being around them. Kinda gorgeous, kinda sexy too.

It’s process of choice of course.

Like choosing whether or not to have flowers around us. An acknowledgment of being able to follow our joy and share it. All this really all adds up to our sexiness. Your sexiness.

Those of us who are healing using flowers are really learning that we arenot the pain or hurt. To reverse the negative image that had activated pain and replace it with the ability to ask ourselves to be how we really want.

Whenever we have a negative feeling that is repeating itself it requires clearing the pattern. Yes. Cynics say, sensuality is so easy until the first wound. Yet with the pattern of forgiveness we set ourselves free . Forgiveness, not to be nice. Not to be good, not because we should. But because it set’s us free.

These are some of feelings that female sensuality when using flowers addresses. Our enoughness now. Our power to flip the switch, our focus. Our forgiveness of others and our selves for having beliefs that used to serve us but no longer do. Our creativity and our freedom to create excitement around our sensual way of being. Our ability to go deep into the feeling of it and being with it. Our ability to take our foot of the gas and know we do not have to get over some external arbitrary line of what says we have achieved. Our energy then extends outwards. Thriving, flourishing, sensual.

Wow, all this may set us up to feel the debris of self improvement. Yet a sensual women is aware that it’s all that efforting to be someone else or meet some arbitrary line of success  which can keep us  going around and around stuffing things into our heads rather than enjoying  ourselves in our bodies right now. So, clearing any negative wounded energy can be experienced by what we choose to feel about our female achievements.

Where are you now?

What flowers come to mind to help remind you of all of this?

We can gently wiggle here, maybe smile in recognition as we decide not fault ourselves for our female hang ups. Just for fun, we wonder what could make us feel  giggly at our amazing selves. To go even more deeply into love with ourselves. Caress ourselves, get to know more about ourselves. It feels gentler when we look at things differently. We can take our foot of the gas, and stop trying to work things out so hard. instead look into what is our creative expression. Even a few moments of creativity opens the door up for more. We can lean more into that direction.

Smiling a bit more, go look at your beautiful self in the mirror and then come back. And yes it’s what some may call a way of making lemonade out of lemons.

Guess what, none of all of this matters.  Really.  None. Of all this stuff. It’s really all about where do we find our sense of satisfaction. Really. We mean it. We are not asking for the party line. Yes in a funny way, we are really okay,  just as we are. Our energy. If you stop trying to make things better, even if you are very inspired when we talk about ‘flowers from the inside out’. Maybe we are saying you are really okay with or without another thing to do. Plunge into your passion. People feel good from being with you. That’s powerful, that’s sexy, that’s sensual and that’s taking care. Plunging into the energy of your own passion.

Ok, now we have the broad bush image painted here, let’s get specific.  What specifically do you want to create with your delicious senses, your sensuality, your power, your energy. What do you want to transform?  and into what? Ask. Describe. Elaborate, the energy. Be specific about that feeling.

For example we are clear about what we do with flowers here. We often say, “as we beautify the world, we experience increased sales and profits, and everyone around us is benefiting from that joy and its easy”. Yes, its from the intention of love,  to beautify the world and to share. So we have a very clear image of what each day is feeling like to us before hand.  Then we watch what arrives.

Woman power, flowers, sex, sensuality and self care is about enjoying our experience as our source of that satisfaction. We are the only ones who can declare where the line is. When we have reached and crossed it.  Our enjoyment of enoughness right now is where we feel peaceful.

We really appreciate being tuned in and turned on to beauty and wonder how you are beautifying your life? Today?

The Team

The London Flower Lover


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24 Responses to Women Power: Flowers, Sex, Sensuality and Self Care

  1. This post is brilliant! its made me feel very empowered for some reason! What a breath of fresh air your blog is!!!!


    • Thank you so much, we talk to so many people and love how we can turn their vision into floral images, designs and metaphorical journeys that express their vision. We too breathe more deeply as we share with you. Thank you for commenting.


  2. Mondrak says:

    The information you share here is great. I brought a book – something along the lines of “How to give a woman great pleasure” as I wanted to make my wife feel special. Didn’t work, she divorced me lol. I kept the book though in case I meet another woman who will treat me right – as I like to treat them. Flowers are great for a woman, as is running a bath for them and making them feel special. A massage, or just company. Not everything has to lead to sex, sometimes just the joy of each other’s company can mean more to a woman than coming home and thinking “oh god he wants sex again”. If that’s how it is, then there’s something wrong with the relationship.

    Your post tells how it should be. I would reblog it, but being a single bloke it may be taken the wrong way.

    Nice work


    • Thank you for your delightful comment and insight. We are grateful for your positive connection. We love your energy. You are sound so cool, a gift, maybe you are opening up to someone else as you to are coming from a deeper place of your own heart clarity. Our posts come from talking to so many people finding out what really happens and hey you sound so normal. Open to the woman who is right for you. We are glad you have enjoyed our posts just as we have enjoyed yours. Come by again. Yes flowers are an amazing form of energy work.They help with playful joyful change. Thanks again.


    • We would be happy for you to reblog it ,it would sound sensible from you too!


  3. taofublog says:

    Oohhh la la! Sensuous is as sensuous does 😉


  4. Mondrak says:

    Reblogged this on Mondrak's Blog and commented:
    Very, very interesting post.


  5. dianabletter says:

    Very interesting post on flowers and healing. Check out my amusing post on flowers in my blog today: http://thebestchapter.com/2012/05/25/bad-reality-great-story/
    Thanks for liking my blog — good luck in the free coffee giveaway!


  6. Greetings, and thanks for visiting and liking my post on living without stress! Your blog is wonderful, gentle and positive. My dear pro photographer friend John, whose flower photo graces my avatar and is my blog’s header image, always comments to me how he loves photographing flowers because they’re so sensual and they evoke women’s bodies and sensuality to him. So I loved seeing your post title linking women, sensuality, and flowers. Beautiful! Thanks for being a force for pleasure and beauty in the world!


    • You touched us, your words, your acknowledgement, your sharing. Your comment is so poetic it takes us deeper into that very place you describe. Thank you for your kindness. Your work is wonderful also.


      • Thanks so much! And my friend John is coming by for a party in a while, and I was reading your reply, imagining the pleasure of sharing it with him, then I realized I hadn’t included his last name. Silly! Too many good things happening at once. He’s John Livzey, with so much amazing work, including exquisite flora, at http://www.johnlivzey.com. And I look forward to your next post. Enjoy the wild journey!


  7. What Now? says:

    Excellent article!!!


    • Thank you Susan,thank you.

      We have been looking at this subject more and more, looking at the energy of het heru,venus, aphrodite and how all women are that in what ever shape,size or race.

      Flowers,their gift of colour and scent only match who we really are, beautiful on the inside and out. No matter how stressed or overwhelmed we may become. We are that at our core and enjoying that realisation is the source of our confident sensuality.

      Thank you for your explicit appreciation and please stop by again.


  8. Trevor D'silva says:

    I must say…really well written! It isn’t entirely true (regd. the guys watching porn for…”materialistic” pleasure…let me put it that way), but I’m sure there are quite a lot of us who are passionate too!

    Still..kudos to the writing! Keep it up!


    • Love your shared manly honesty. Thank you for opening up and pointing us upward and straight because we receive your response like a big open door. Yes, you are totally correct. We thank you for your enthusiastic response; everything feels like it can become possible when we engage with each other with that sort of energy.
      We love this dialogue and letting it unfold in a way that allows us to tap into more than the surface highs and lows, excitement and depression. You have taken us deeper, instead you remind us of that light that lights us all up, and keeps us on an even keel. Yes we are gushing because we sense you are one of those sorts of men who loves to inspire women. Yes, you have touched us. Thank you


  9. Jody Starek says:

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  10. Amazing! Its truly amazing post, I have got much clear idea regarding from this piece of writing.|


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