Wedding Flowers:The meaning and ‘poetic’ legend of Orange Bloosom

Beloved Flower Lover,


Congratulations, we are so happy, we received another wedding announcement.

They are coming through and joyfully remind us of how we are all changing from the inside out.  Coupled with the images of peaceful, affectionate vital love, we dote on beautiful images of marriage and friendships blooming into new love. Images of people, like us, who  openly declare “I can do this”.

Pretty much, wonderful and life changing, we have found ourselves enjoying reading the most exquisite, enchanting, love poems, wedding vows and stories.

The world of chemistry confirms all this. Dr David Hamilton, Dr Bruce Lipton, Dr Jewell Pokram, Dr Candace Pert and others all describe how the brain and body starts to change through affirming epic love stories to ourselves, for ourselves, about ourselves. Dr Jeannette Haviland-Jones, and Dr.  Nancy Etcoff carry the batton  confirming what our poets, and sages remind us. Your biography produces your biology. Your stories grow new connections in the brain. So by choosing our words of love, adoration and giving and recieving  flowers out of an ‘act of kindness’, then the chemistry in the heart system switches from fear to bonding trusting love.

Flowers have power and have become legendary for their effect on the body. They make people smile! We beam and immerse ourselves in the feelings of  joy before, during and after we hear the various stories about each couple as they repeat “I can do it”. Flowers are always in the mix, somewhere.

We dote on the beautifully emotional effects of orange blossom, the flower and its oil. Coupled with creativity, we decided to look into it a bit more and found wonderful traditions and legends which all seem to turn out to create emotionally loving environments.

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Orange Blossom/ Neroli : Citrus aurantium L. 
Family: Rutaceae
Common Names: ~Orange Blossom~ ~Citrus vulgaris~ ~Citrus bigaradia~ ~Orange flower~ ~Neroli bigarade~

Orange,  is the common name for citrus fruit of several trees. Orange trees are evergreens, with flowers that are white and fragrant.

Three essential oils are obtained from oranges:

~oil of orange,~ obtained from the rind of the fruit and used principally as a flavoring agent;

~oil of petigrain,~ obtained from the leaves and twigs and used in perfumery; and

~oil of neroli,~ obtained from the blossoms and used in flavorings and perfumes.

During the romantic Victorian era, brides used to carry fresh bouquets of white orange blossoms on their wedding day.

Fresh garlands were made into little circlets, and attached to bridal veils. A simple perfumed orange blossom garland was often used to adorn a bride’s hair if she chose not to wear a veil, making a tiara.

Neroli was discovered in the late 17th century. It is said to be named after a Princess of Neroli or Nerola, Italy whose name was Anne-Marie. It was named after the city Neroli, she was Princess there. She used it as her personal perfume.

Neroli oil is a wellbeing oil. It relaxes and relieves anxiety, as the brain  can imagine relaxation and the body in response moves in the direction to calm, compassionate, caring love, thus traditionally, orange blossoms were used in weddings bouquets and to calm nerves before the bridal couple retired to bed.

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Orange blossom is in many cultures a traditional feature of wedding ceremonies. This custom probably originated in ancient China where orange blossom was an emblem of innocence and chastity. It is one of the few plants that blooms and bears  fruit at the same time and is therefore associated with fertility.

Symbolically, in Spain, France, and Greece the flowers are used in wedding ceremonies as a symbol of good future, chastity, innocence or purity. In Mexico, a garland of orange blossoms is placed in a figure of eight around the necks of the couple as a sign of unity.

Honouring and reconnecting to your own inspiration. The scent and medical properties of the oil, are regularly used in self-care rituals to support change.  Women and men are encouraged to decide for themselves when they are ready to dedicate themselves to love. To gently immerse and inspire themselves in their own feelings of self-love. They are invited to deepened and reshape  self admiration for their divine nature, the same nature shared with others. These sorts of celebration rituals allow that feel good to outflow in generous ripples and then huge waves of energy.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaah so so so lovely

We have caught it. We mirror it… love experienced through unfolding our wings and watching the dancer of adoration in the front of our minds eye. The invitation to concentrate our intentions with you to stimulate the picture of reciprocated love continues.

Flowers encourage that ’emotional contagion’ of the cherished love kind. So as we shape and alter our own energies, just by being a sponge for the divine love messages we receive from this most fertile energy, we enjoy one thing. How it awakens, inspires and lives on.

What happened next?

One of our teams concept for, orange, blossom and self-care for married life.

Thanks and enjoy

Willing you peace, love and joy

The Team

The London Flower Lover

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