Flowers for 2012: Have your clearest picture of your most passionate year ever! Part 3

Into Me I see

Into Me I see

Beloved Flower Lover,

We have said it before. We will say it again. Blend the passion for your ‘desire’ for ordinary things with ‘aspirations’ for higher things. Aspire to use your talents for the benefit of others.  For example,to share your care, as others show you love and affection in return. This will balance the ordinary, everyday, mundane material goodies with the divine source of life. Wrap your arms around all of this. Embrace yourself up with an open appreciation of the divine passion that equips us to achieve your most ‘cherished’ goals.

Be vulnerable, open and honest about what you must have in the experience. Let it truly turn you on!  Encourage your goose bumps, encourage that feeling of trembling, quivering, yes all that energy we all feel when we experience and touch our passions. When we feel turned on. Fully enjoy the images of your cherished desires repeatedly entering into your mind during the day. Smile at the ‘beloved’ pictures of you enjoying the ‘trembling’ of being turned on. You know what you are like when you are turned on. Well link that feeling to pictures of other goals It’s a real sign of you fully enjoying the benefits of your passion. Be open to this because it’s your success connection. Sounds good to you. Yes, link your desire to your cherished goals for 2012.

That is the purpose of desire,of passion is simple. It’s to motivate. This is the divine energy within you. No need for words, just see the pictures in your minds eye that provoke deep passion and desire.

Phew, feel orgasmic, or close to it, feels good, so good!

We really want to emphasise this next point. Passion can so get us in ‘trouble’. Big trouble! We may rush into something enthusiastically before we realise we do not have the energy for it.  Do not fault yourself for past negative experiences. They only bring you down into the dumps. Change the pictures of worry, grief, sadness, anger or fear dancing around in your inner mind. Breakthrough this by imagining how you can benefit from your passions. Turn it around. Imagine how the challenges teach you to be one with all. Find love for the challenge.  For an example, if you have made mistakes in relationships, talk to the person you are involved with about how you might want to change your mind about things. If you cannot, imagine a conversation with them and it going the way you want. Peacefully.

Put fun, humour, and happiness into your mind first so you can relax and ‘jump start’, your imagination. Allow new approaches to come to you. Shift, play, and reverse your mindset. Maybe even go one step further and reframe the ‘benefits’ of your down beat feelings so you can see them for the jewels they are. In fact they are windows of opportunity for enjoying ‘more of life’. How? Because you make more life energy (emotion) come under your command. Sounds good? Now that’s being adult about passion.

Who benefits from you feeling your passions? Family, Friends, Community, Nation, the World.

It’s from your optimism, your power, your wisdom, your inspiration,that they get lit up by.  The additional energy you have under your command for your use. So imagine, who else in your family, amongst your friends, and community can you benefitting tangibly from your growth in energy. See that picture now. Your energy should be getting really clearer now. So much clearer.

Why do we suggest working with the life force and chi Kong? Well your life force or your emotions are managed by chi kong exercises. Sadness, grief, worry, anger, fear, all mean your ‘life force’ has fallen below it’s optimum range.  You are stressed. They are downer sorts of energy. These energies won’t really have you, have the get up and go you need to make manifest those gorgeous desires. Yep, there is no benefit in holding on bad feelings. Chi kung exercises are practical ways to help you let go of blocked or stagnating energy. What could be better than that?

Chi Kung helps to even out the relevant energy channels in your body linked with bad feelings. Those internal energies move us. yet they can get blocked or stagnant. That’s why knowing how you are emoting is a great gauge to know, where you are at. You don’t have to take it personally either.  Emotions are simple axis on your life map. Your true identity is your inner compass and you can redirect it back to true ‘north’,using chi kung.

Another way of seeing it is that feeling sad, worried, grieving, angry, scared are all great indicators of your current ’emotional address’.  Yet, they are simply a place you are renting. They are not your real residence. So please do not regard them as your true identity. They are just ‘feelings’, emotional addresses that change as you change them. So be kind to yourself and introduce some other emotional address that you would prefer to live in. Maybe peace or joy. This move alone will change how your energy flows.  Like flowers, chi kung lifts your energy and helps you relocate of emotion. So step into a new place of love.

Flowers renew. They also represent the life force we talk of. So use them in your home and as gifts of kindness and affection. Give them to yourself as you open up to your own nature. Keep fresh flowers around.  Notice how you respond to them.

All this energy work actually responds to very clear images, pictures of desires that arouse us. Clear images of peace, creativity, happiness, security and love. Not words. Images! So shine sunshine into the mental pictures of your desires. Test it yourself and notice the shift. Link these images to bigger pictures of you caring for your person and others. As you generate those images, notice the feelings you receive as you get in touch with pictures and feelings of passion. If you feel conflicts, repeat them until you ‘see’ them as a gift to help you.  Infuse your divine passion into 2012 now.

Sounds good. Thank you for being with us. We would love to hear what you think and feel. So PLEASE check in with us again and wish you all the best now and ….

The Team

The London Flower Lover

The London Flower Lover

The London Flower Lover


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