How flowers might help you to stop fighting your loved one

Beloved Flower Lover,

Arguing, stressing and worried in your relationship. No harmony, no bliss, just threatening tension. You perceive repeated struggle and it might feel like things will never be better.Mmmmmmmmmm not a good picture!

Depending on how you are feeling right now, you might be interested in how you can restore some peace in your life and lift your mood. You might want a magic wand to change the picture. You want a different picture of yourself and life. A picture of smiles and warm connections.

Even though things are tense right now, we wanted to remind you that there is a magic wand of some sorts. Something that changes the negative ‘charge,sparks’ in your situation. It shows up in a wonderful metaphor of the phoenix. In fact Dr Bruce Lipton reminds of the science of change. He reminds of the cycle of life and renewal especially when you think the thing you love some much is going to die. He talks about how you can start with fresh start. Lipton describes it beautifully in the next video.

Well flowers can accompany you all through your most stressful times. They can offer you a signal, which converts into a message so you begin to respond differently.How? Well flowers have been proven to have an impact on the body and help you to feel better about yourself by Haviland-Jones at Rutgers University. They give direction to your behaviour, your perception. When you do that, you can be open to taking this journey with more ease.

So its been confirmed that know that flowers can help you feel vastly different about yourself and others. they send out a signal, a transmission, a message to help you tune into information that tells you to take another pathway. So you get a signal to calm down and smile from your receptors. They receive signals through your eyes and nose. They activate any thoughts and beliefs you already have inputted into your mind. If you have been inputting ideas of 4givness, respect, love , appreciation, then you will relate that reflect and respond accordingly. If not…..well, its what ever ideas you have received from your environment.

So, lets put this all together. Flowers create a physical response to the environment. perception. You can make them work even more powerfully for yourself too. Just by taking the time to be self reflective about how the outside forces have changed, you can make changes that you do want. Think about it,you had issues before you met your partner who you now have issues with, yet you allowed your ability to control yourself, to focus on love to guide you through the bonding period with him or her. This honeymoon period, can be re triggered if you so want. Again, Dr Bruce Lipton talks about this really well in his video.

Now we would like to take this a step further.
Flowers may help one counter stress in relationships because it may help you to feel better about yourself and open up to slow things down, to slower down intensity, which will allow playfulness and coming up with good ideas to provide relief in the relationship. You use the right side of your brain. The creative brain, the brain that is flexible and can come up with solutions. The brain that can make your positive intentions come about in your behaviour. In fact, Dr Don Ferguson talks about the biology of couples in his work.

Dr. Ferguson brings an important new perspective to couples with deep troubles in their relationship. He has had success in helping couples who have already called the lawyers to back off and recapture what they once had.

We link this biology to the study conducted by Rutgers University which provided scientific proof that flowers bring immediate happiness that lasts a long time. In addition, the study showed that flowers help people to connect with one another. Dr. Jeanette M. Haviland-Jones, who directed the study, said of the study, “What’s most exciting about this study is that it challenges established scientific beliefs about how people can manage their day-to-day moods in a healthy and natural way.”

We are suggesting that you do not have to be the victim of your situation. You can express different traits and that your mind is in control of that expression. Flowers may help you to see and image of that expression because they represent beauty, joy, happiness, peace, calm, connection and harmony. Flowers provide the right brain with that clear image that it can lock onto which can only but reduce your stress when you are feeling anxious about your partner . So you find you shift your attitude if you take it as a tool to change the way you see yourself and others.

Why, How? Well, you can see that in view of the research that the London Flower Lover makes links to the biology of our brain. Yes, its a little different way of talking about flowers but it helps us to understand why when you are struggling that you are in fact responding to a fight or flight response, and you can totally impact that with a counter stress move .

Therefore we suggest you can renew yourself, renew your beliefs,by holding your attention on beautiful flowers when we are dealing with trouble in a relationship.

We say that anything to calm you down is important. Anything to help reduce the threat is essential for you. Anything that let’s you connect to your creativity is ideal. Hence flowers and their beauty offer a great tool in your overall tool kit.

Surround yourself with a culture of love and make beauty and harmony your focus.Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t its true from your point of view. If your thoughts suggest that you can heal your relationship with yourself then you will not discount that you may be able to heal your relationship with others.

look at what happens when you change your mind. Dr Joe Despenza,

we love you all!

The team

The London Flower Lover

change your mind and live in a garden of love that you cultivate


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