How to stop feeling rejected?

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Beloved Flower Lover,

Ever felt a drop of your energy when you don’t accomplish or achieve the results you wanted?  Particularly when you make your move with a man or woman and they shut you down cold? Some of the people we have talked to, who have experienced this say it, gets to the point where they can almost see the future – they can perceive or predict rejection before it even happens. OMG!

Now does past rejection give us the ability to see the future?  Not really.

What happens is you want to move forward, but you also want to be totally certain before you take a step. Since these two things are not logically possible you have two conflicting desires knock up against one another. They are at odds with each other. They are energies that are taking you in differing directions. They are attitudes that let you perceive things as a contradiction rather than as any harmony. So that’s what is really going on with this rejection thing. Those feelings in you are competing for your attention. Sometimes the feelings just wants to right wrongs and is not the place to be coming from if you to deal with rejection.

The resulting “friction” is what causes the  distress, agony, and torment. And the perception of “perceiving rejection”. That creates a ‘cling on’, feeling.

We sometimes do not feel very safe about relationships, starting new ones, or dealing with the existing one and so instead get defensive. Yet, defenses do not work. The more safe we play, the more scared we become. Sometimes we even get into using an’ old hurt’ to control our relationships and this just reduces the experiences of intimacy. The relationship becomes boring, ‘safe’ and not very alive. And who wants that.

The solution is to let go and release your requirement, your need, you’re wanting things to be certain and then to feel the natural and basic physical sensations of uncertainty without the internal chit chat we have in our heads or the internal movie maker in our imaginations. Just follow, the path of the natural sensations in your body, noticing every ten seconds out loud if they are “Same” or “Changing”

Once you have the natural physical feeling separated from the internal movie and internal chit chat, it no longer feeds the limiting ideas in the imagination and internal chit chat – there is no more energy to encourage or to power the engine of your ongoing “story” that has kept you limited, so the imagery and dialog just tend to drop without you having to attempt to drop them.

Sometimes the so called rejection is providing you with opportunities to love yourself. To embrace yourself despite whatever happens externally.  It really helps you let go of old hurts, of hurts you brought to the situation and now you have the chance to release them and instead of demanding that things behave in just the way you want. Instead you can be love independent of situation. Be really clear. This is not the end of your love story; your best chance for love is still right here, still here for you, at the present.

The Team

The London flower Lover

p.s. you are in the right place at the right time for love

p.p.s: flowers can be some of the easiest ways to remind yourself that you are worth loving now. Give yourself flowers today


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