Defy Gravity at the V&A

Beloved Flower Lover,

Art can defy all things.

They show us the natural laws that shape life and what we learnt at the V&A is that beauty, art, harmony, peace and optimism works with everything we experience in our work as floral designers.

They show us the give and take of life. The energetics that come together to produce amazing art. Each piece we looked at was a reflection of someone who acted and brought forces together to create amazing art. A force to reckon with.

We left the V&A different. How so?

We left lighter and acquired a deeper anchor to effect ourselves.

Each and every art piece  holds messages to tell us to be here now.

 There is only the present. Each piece told us to ‘let go of unfinished business’ and enjoy the time right now.

Each piece invited us to enjoy the depth of creativity, right now. As part of a journey. Just do it.

What collided for us is the thing about the past and the now. Going to the V&A was like looking at a battle of the past and powerhouse of the now.  

It was like,  part of us was saying do not turn around to a dead past as a reference . Do not look at the past image , when a new opportunity comes along, redo yourself  as each and every artist and creator in the V&A’s many collections has done. What a sojourn. what a trip.

Talent, talent, talent was in abundance.

A journey, a sojourn, a trip!

To  respond to the moment, so the new thing that is emerging is acknowledged,  and  generate more and more spontaneity. To be in the present moment. Let go of the weight of the past and be light.

The best is still ahead of you. There is so much more ahead. Creativity is always here. You can always recreate.  Cleanse your psychic field.

Looking over these  ancient works shows that there is no such thing as going backward. There is no such thing as going backward. No such thing. There is only a sense of going forward. It can only be an image of change. Do a make over.  They all feel good about their form.

It just told us to do things you never do. Do things you have never done. Do patterns which are totally foreign to you.

Shed old forms. Cleansed and free of toxins of the past.

This seemed to be the brand package, the brand message of those many creators who we saw that the V&A… Feminine Athena’s we decided to call them. Yes, feminine majesty!

Opportunities are here now.

Thank you V&A

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