Het Heru,flowers and women relaxing in the face of an insecure feeling

Het Heru's favourite flowers: Yellow Roses

Beloved Flower Lover,

We have already mentioned that Het Heru is the Goddess who uses flowers to help remind us to relax and chill. To thrive in the face of adversity.  That our experience of life is based on how we imagine it.

The good news is that we have the gift of the imagination and we can use that imagination to take a new perspective on a situation.

Well, well, well, talk about opportunities already this month that have come about to help us relax and smile. In an office full of women, talking about everthing from mother hood, to men ,money and sex, each woman revealed a point, an issue, a topic that was stressing them out. From the man who would not marry, to the many who just wanted a sex buddy, to the woman who was going home that night to check that her husband was sorting out the divorce.

The London Flower Lover

The London Flower Lover

Gosh…..its incredible to think that we are actually in what some people call Het Heru cycle. A cycle that deals with beauty, romance, love, grace, art, socialablity and more.

To find out more, we explored how Het Heru, uses flowers, oil,beauty on the inside and outside to help women get in touch with their real identity. This is what we found….

Het Heru, also known as Hathor, Nephthys and Neb-t Het. Het Heru may be found throughout other cultures under such names as Marimba, Venus, Aphrodite, Oshun, Kamalatmika, Hana-El, etc. …


“Het Heru helps towards your fulfillment of being God on earth.

She is an energy that deals with inner peace, harmony and joy.

If you can maintain that joyful energy when you’re dealing with obstructions, you can reach a higher level of spirituality according to the tradition of ancient Kamit (Egypt).

When you can smile your way through life, you can heal yourself. You become free of tension and relaxed therefore all of your healing powers that flow through your Chi force and begin to heal you . The joy within you is the power that you need to heal yourself!

Het Heru constantly reminds us that we must always be joyful no matter what happens in life. In addition, if we want to grow spiritually we must face all of my challenges joyfully so that I may connect with God.”

Maybe Het Heru teaches us the joy of being out of control and still being peaceful. That’s our conclusion after listening to all these lives.

Wonder what you think?

The Team

The London Flower Lover

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8 Responses to Het Heru,flowers and women relaxing in the face of an insecure feeling

  1. Mauro Rowald says:

    I love looking through and I think this website got some genuinely useful stuff on it!

  2. Princess says:

    Thank you for sharing this story about Het Heru. I hae read simialr other beautiful stories on the internet as well. However…like yours I wish they will take it a step further. For example: When a life situation arise that is very unplesant causing me to feel angry, disrespected etc. Basically my first reaction is more of a worrior approach. At that moment what do I do? say? chant? pray?
    So that I calm down so that the joy of Het Heru can take over the situation and I can connect to a joyful. loing and peaeful place at that time.

    I am very ready to embrace Het Heru. I know the goal of the situation is to be peaceful and joyful during adersities and difficult situations. I would like the tools or steps to reach that goal. Please help.

    Thank you very much.

    • Beloved,

      thank you for responding especially now, in a time when the yin is being nourished we very much welcome your comment and energy. Flowers and all that are reflections of the yin feminine ability is here for us all men and women alike.It’s so interesting that you like many of us have reached out for harsh tools to rectify a situation to act as a remedy when we also have soft, calming tools in the feminine treasure chest which we can look to bring us into a place where we can remember who we really are. Yes, we really know the anger piece, the urge to ‘kick off’ like how so many TV shows show women as doing. Yet we know that is a fiction that is not our nature. O.k. enough with the preaching from us, you already know this, we can tell.

      Where are you? we are in touch with many international projects which seek to encourage women and men to use the womanly arts of enjoyment as ways to process their feelings. A recent one we have come across has the provocative name of sweet pum pum and can be found on facebook. They seek to help women address strong emotions by using, all the womanly arts. They are not preachy, they are into nice smells, colours, textures, anything sensual as guides, pointers to a persons real sense of calm and peace.

      Gosh we have said so much and yet want to say so much more. You have inspired us to explore this more. Please visit again as we shall be exploring more of this using the beauty of flowers and more to explore healing our ‘sweet pum pums’ a great source of our great energy.

    • Hi ya beloved some more ideas are coming through from the team….they suggest that you…

      surround yourself with beauty, especially your bedroom. This may sound so superficial yet we soak up good feelings from our environment. You may like to have images of calm,peace,tranquility on your walls, as well as the obvious, flowers. Feng shui is a great way to inspire you to keep your place looking good. Imagery has an impact on how we feel and het heru, is all about images. She is in fact the house of the image, so pay very close attention to images you allow into your mind and space.

      Het Heru means house of the image, so you may like to invest in your inner imagery too. Maybe some creative visualisation books may be the best start point along with your attention to your external image that surrounds you. The creative visulisation piece is the major power piece of Het Heru, she knows that it is the image that we pay attention to in our minds eye, so if we have a choice its the strongest images that play in our minds that we respond to. Hence why they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It’s your inner eye that beholds the beauty and you then respond to it. Practise for a few weeks and notice the difference.

      If you image dissatisfaction how about forgiving yourself and smiling. Het Heru is a great smiler.

      She is also brilliant with smells, so how about getting some nice essential oils like rose, jasmine neuroli and burn them regularly. They will have an impact on your limbic system. When you look at images of Het Heru she is always got a flower that she is smelling for that reason. So try those simple tips out to help calm you down. Nice smells, visuals, and smile more.

    • oh yes and play with her colours….yellow and green, pink, or lilacy lavender for healing…where them, have them around, play around with lovely music on fridays and visualise yourself successfully achieving in situations for 21 days…then notice the difference…these are the fundamentals of the tools she uses, the absolute basic Het Heru tool kit, or joy kit!!!!!

    • Hi ya Princess, it’s us again….lol

      We have been quiet all morning and got re inspired to respond to you. Again. LOL

      The team really keep coming up with more tips for you as they could really feel your geninue interest.
      One person asked, had you read the work of Ra un Nefer Amen? He talks about how to start with Peace as a way to enjoy Het Heru. So by getting quiet, being still and zeroing out, begin to enjoy that peace first. Forget about not having what ever you think you should have in terms of material resources, like money, past commitments, overheads, time, etc, but to instead allow your self to forget pre conceptions notions or beliefs about what is possible.

      To allow yourself for this time to go into the calm, quiet place of nothingness. Deep space. A blank slate and to spend time in at space of peace and nothingness first.
      Princess, that in itself is the first tool for you,us,to master. The primary tool of just keeping an open mind first and coming from peace.

      Tool number 2:
      Once you do that, once you feel that calmness, then you can explore, discover and establish what the chief theme is behind the question you have. What is your key purpose behind your interest in Het Heru or any other question? This is important as everything you will do will be directed,around that theme.

      Once you have uncovered the real theme of the goal you have you then have the real push, the real keys to your success in your endeavour. Only then can you activate the other tools available to you. Those tools are your feelings, your imagination( creativity tool) and your affirmation( creativity tool). Its only when you have explored step one, peace, step 2, find the underlying theme can you then empower it by choosing images, feelings and words that are consistent with that goal.

      We are all enveloped by a unconditional love and playfulness and this spirit feels to us like to a pink jolt of energising vitality.We wonder what it feels and looks like to you?

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