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We want to tell you,  either way, loving up single hood or in a loving  partnership, there are just some things that help boost your confidence. There are just some things, people, pieces of information that boost your confidence. No let’s be even more accurate. Some things simply boost your confidence when you put what they have to offer into practice. Action.

Like Auntie Tracey Cox here, Born in England,raised in Australia she is someone we have found to be an expert on sex and relationships.  This hot Agony Auntie is real, funny and manages to mix realistic practical advice into her books. She has a young vibe and yeah just says what it’s all about. Or at least points you in a positive direction.

She along with Barbara Carella’s, who authors ‘Urban Tantra’,  help you restore your confidence around sex and relationships. 

Why we love Coxie?

Cox is upfront about the downside of singlehood and partnerland, yet never forces you to do one or the other.  No force, no compulsion, no resignation, no requirement to feel bad. None whats so ever. Instead, baby cakes encourages you to find a confident place within your already gorgeous, amazing(handsome-guys)  self  to be coming from. How  you might ask. Just by identifying what is good about where you are right now.

What? after you have been running scaring movies of how terrible it is to be where you are like something has been stolen from you.No, shes really into making you connect with the forces of  geninue love. Hooking up with what makes good love and sex possible. Inviting you to explore and go deep  into and share with what  feels so good. Requiring you to be willing or at least a little bit willing, to feel so good now. And only if you choose to open up now. Only,  if you want to share in feeling good.  Only if you want to. Only- if you want to now. Feel good. Want to. Do that. Now? Good

Aroused, we are, and during all of that, possiby, lets just breathe a little more deeply as we feel the heat, warm up, and rise up, what gets warmed up in situations like this.

So Auntie Cox starts you off from where ever you are and satisfies you so you are not yearning.  What ever country you might think you live in, cold and frozen, hot and desperate, unfriendly and neglected, what ever landscape you live in, she helps you switch on your own reversal buttons. Instead you are coming from a strong attractive loved up space within yourself first. Now, today, in the present. Ok, you get it!

Cox is a read you kinda end up smiling about with cos she says things we know,  like, smile. Her take on smiling is do it so much that your face aches. Oh gosh. Why? cos people like people who like themselves. It follows then that people love people who love themselves. It causes the connection with people .Accept and approve of people who accept and approve of themselves so that is her starting place. Not all woo woo. No in a real upfront way.Cox connects us to all of this stuff as part of her reversal of issues package. It actually all helps to  deals with jealousy, bad love habits, first date, sex-when? sex-why? with who? dumped and desperate, living together, ,children, marriage, enjoying marriage rather than enduring it, how to walk away from rude people, how to keep having good sex and more real stuff. So much more.  More, more more. Yes more- and we like, we love, we adore!

Ok, readers in this genre will also know of people like ‘Urban Tantra’, Barbara Carellas, and ‘Love in 90 days’, Diana Kirschner. There are also other authors, like Ra Un Nefer Amen’s ‘Spiritual Union’ and so on,the point is that they all kinda say something similiar. Look after your health, get your life force moving, get enthusiastic about yourself, get interested in others in your life other than that one person you might be regarding as the source of all your problems or love.Do all of that and more of the secrets they share because they say, to have more, notice more about who you a really are. Your true nature. Love grows out of appreciation says Ra Un Nefer Amen, so appreciate yourself and all those who appreciate you for what you are in their lives. Notice how that comes back and smile, smile, smile….as Auntie Cox reminds us to do daily.

Practically, we are surprise she has not suggested a dosage quota.A very practical way of making increasing the power of the smile .How ?By putting your hands on your heart , breathing gently ,get a picture of yourself in your minds eye and smile, really smile,(grin if you need to to get into first gear) at yourself as you appreciate yourself for just that day, for all you are, warts and all. Appreciate yourself like you would to your best friend who feels you are the most amazing person in their lives. Or like that client or colleague or family member who just adores you. Feeling silly, well that might suggest, possibly that  increasing the dosage and repeating it will ease the way of life .

Flowers comes into this because they remind us of so much. Friendship and courtship etiquette come to mind, as well as being a modern person’s daily reminder of their own wellbeing. In nature, flowers do fade, yet what happens next? fruits appear.  Flowers reminds us that the peak of our life is full of high energy, and yeah we celebrate and that as it passes, it gets transformed into something else, sweeter,juicier,delicious, a fruit of some kind.Experience tells us, that  our abundant life force reminds us about our real nature does just that in relatinships. Possibly causing us to appreciate that this fruit, this experience can be so deliciousand nourishing to us that we just want to drink from it, eat from it, enjoy it and plant the seeds again to have more. That geting together is like getting ready for a great celebration, and then getting to know each other reflects the fruits of being at ease with ourselves and the other. It just keeps producing fine wine. and that  perhaps what appears to be a quiet time is simply the time when the land is resting,nourishing the seeds of things to come for the next cycle, the next go round.

Based on Auntie Cox’s advice you will be equipped and re equipped to reverse any signs of lacking confidence or abundant relationships. In her first chapter she offers you suggestions about how to stop listening to your own voice of doom and instead have something positive to say to anyone, including yourself who criticises you. you know what they or even you say to yourself secretly.You must be desperate, fatally flawed, still heartbroken, lonely, sex starved, too fussy,trying to bonk the entire population or got the biological /emotional clock ticking.  Well Auntie, gets you writing out good answers and even better ways to feel about your current situation.

See why we reckon you will like this. So what ever your relationship status, get some flowers ordered through us, (we would love to design something fitting) get a copy of  whatever relationship book helps you feel good about you and just enjoy the life you have.

Love you

The Team

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5 Responses to Tracey Cox-Hot Relationships

  1. Tracey Cox says:

    Wow! It’s ‘Aunty Cox’ here. Have just read this and wanted to say how chuffed I am that you like my advice. I try really hard to be everything you have flagged up and it’s so nice to know my words are appreciated. Thank you so much!
    Tracey xxx


  2. Alison31 says:

    lovely i can enjoy this so much, more please


  3. Alison31 says:

    i am going to take my epsom salt bath to detox myself right now
    thanks for the inspiration


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