Send Love for Chinese New Year

Beloved Flower Lover,

Guess what, there is another opportunity to go in and experience  love and share it with others comes this week.  Yep, its Chinese New Year, 3rd Feburary 2011.

Delicious-we invite you to hear what your gut is saying about how you would like to express love during and throughout the coming New Year.

Possibly,  rejuvenate your year by sending someone you love flowers to welcome in the Chinese New Year. Or maybe invite yourself to fill up your home with expression of beautiful  flowers.  Love. You are so worthy of that loving expression. Let yourself melt into that and join in with that feeling and just imagine extending that love to yourself. Another thing you might do is possibly, pick a quality of love to your experience of the New Year and choose flowers to reflect that. We invite you to notice how that voice for love feels inside yourself as you consider this inspiring  research that we came across. We invite you to possibly  stay with that process of love for longer and longer each day, recieving that good feeling and increase that resevoir of love within yourself. What are you willing to sacrife each day to allow yourself to reflect on yourself each day with love?

For your New year, what are you willing to sacrife in your life on a day to day basis to experience a full expression of love. Even 7 minutes a day. Extend love out and allow love to come in.

What is the one thing that you really love? We love flowers, what do you love? what would that be? how does it make you feel? How does it feel for you? There is your point of love? We allow ourselves to have a flower experience for 7 minutes a day. We refuse to be anxious and allow ourselves to have a floral experience. What are you willing to experience for 7 minutes a day whilst you are enjoying that thing you love per day.

Martin Seligman and his colleagues found that people who wrote down three things that went well each day and their causes every night for just one week had improved happiness scores which then increased over the next six months.

Likewise, participants were given one week to write and then deliver a letter of gratitude in person to someone who had been especially kind to them but had never been properly thanked, showed an immediate and marked improvement in happiness score, although it tailed off during the six month follow-up.

The bottom line: being consciously grateful and acting on it, improves our view of life. For most of us, being safe, healthy and wealthy is a pretty good place to start the gratitude log.

Imagine doing that now for a 2 weeks, then 3, then more? We welcome your comments.

Love you and wish you the Best Chinese New Year.

The Team

The London Flower Lover

p.s. we are so looking forward to being the voice of love for you, reflecting the love you want for yourself and others for this next Chinese New Year.

p.p.s Martin E. P. Seligman and Tracy A. Steen Nansook Park Christopher Peterson,
‘Positive Psychology Progress: Empirical Validation of Interventions’ American Psychologist, July–August 2005.

The London Flower Lover

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