At your Cervix!

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At your cervix

The doula walked in at a our friends party in Dulwich, and we just swooned. Why?

Well we had heard so much about her. About her philosophy, about her journey with mothers, young mothers, single mothers, married mothers.

We had heard from so many others about her style.

She did not let any woman feel sorry for themselves

She did not cater to those feelings of frustration, discomfort.

She did not to tell them that they are wrong, but to instead was a focus on kindness, affection, love, and warmth. She was in fact in our words, a compass, which she used to reactive a picture of each one of them thriving.

In that approach she focused on positive aspects, she associated the first impression of positive aspects of what she saw as she connected. And she would add a positive aspect for them in advance more positive aspects. Happiness, joy, beauty, peace. Prosperous she created a unique programme that would help the entire family to bond as they received their newborn. She held many people in a vibration of love. When you are around her, you just do not want to leave. You can feel it. Whatever good feelings she has about herself and others. mmmmmmmm wonderful!

More than how to give birth, Mut is teaching young girls how to love. She talks to them about the importance of breastfeeding, reading to their babies, playing classical music for their babies.  Whatever culture they come from. She tells them how when the baby cries, you need to pick her up because you need to show her you love her and that you’re going to take care of her. For so many who’ve never known love, Mut is the shining example of what it means to love unconditionally.

Mut talks about all sorts of things, from natural pain release when you have been estranged from your partner to feeding yourself with healthy food.

“One of the reasons that I think breastfeeding is so important for urban woman is that research has shown that mothers who breastfeed are less likely to abuse their children and breastfeeding naturally lends itself to a more nurturing parenting style.”

Mut explained that,” I feel like I see a lot of parents who are big on discipline but not necessarily loving touch. I really believe that a lot of the violence problems in our community start in the home, with child-rearing techniques that rely too heavily on corporal punishment.

Mut, talks about how the girls she cares for have never been parented in a loving and nurturing way, so how can they pass that on to their babies if they have never felt it before? She says:

I will ask them, ‘Is it OK if I hug you’? and I’ll say ‘See how that felt? I’m hugging you, not to get nothing from you, but just to have the feeling…to bring you where I am.'”

Flowers she agreed help people to transform from within. Particularly if they have never opened themselves up to, self love. As it provides what she calls a shield over the family. One that supports them and allows them to feel love and ultimately let go. Self-love is her game and self-love is what she names. An inspiration. No choices are bad choices. Use each situation to take you forward. What a sense of tenderness!

She seems to us like an emissary, a teacher. Teaching us to be self-loving in a way that is there for us naturally. No worrisome information about motherhood. Just connections to the source of their own inner love. What a sense of affection!

We had the amazing privilege to listen to her and open ourselves to the words from her lifetime work. A sort of promise to families, which wake them up, young mother by young mother, one by one. What a warm feeling!

We asked her did she use flowers in her work. She said of course. It’s how she attends to her own energy. How she too allows herself to relax and allow things to unfold. That’s how she  allows the birth of love to come through her she learns to uncover her stuff and love what is.

We too continue to help others to connect to the inner source of their own love. We work with flowers  to do that.

This is our own responsibility to get in the habit of initiating and maintaining our own good vibes. To experience the delicious . To just reach for the next best feeling instead,especially on a low day.a disappointing day a frustrating day. A day when things did not work out like we had hoped. And that is where our flowers come in. Helping us to  reach for the next best feeling .Reach for flowers. Reach for flowers.Reach for flowers.

Thank you for allowing us to express love for you through flowers.


love you all

The team

The London Flower Lover

We just love flowers just light up people’s faces…..if you want to feel that good feeling and share that enjoyment, contact us now


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  2. Kay Ali says:

    Nice work….. you have got me thinking about flowers in a very different way. Thanks


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