London’s Black History Month has Started-Celebrate the Opening of the Month with a Flower Libation

Beloved Flower Lover
What a wonderful, wonderful celebration time for all  Londoners!

Its Black History Month

We open it with what Afrikans have always used  the- Libation Ceremony.

What is libation?

A libation is quite simply an inspiring prayer and benediction. Hence, pouring libation waters becomes a blessing for all to thrive.

At the beginning!

It is a prayer, not of pleading, but really reminding each one to become that flourishing energy of change. It invites people to be in their own life all that the prayer evokes. Therefore, if it talks of compassion, it encourages people to express that from themselves. If it talks of love, peace, joy, beauty, reconciliation, happiness, healing, wealth, it encourages the person to fill himself or herself up with that energy. It reminds people to nurture and amplify that way of being from their own hearts. Amplified through the way they talk about themselves, and others, and their actions they take. Because of that, it is used at the start of African and African diasporan society’s events, throughout London today.

Peony: The London Flower Lover

Take a break in what you are doing to retune and reset yourself

Unlike other sorts of prayers, it is performed using water poured onto a beautiful plant at significant community events, such as a birth, a wedding, harvest, death and so on. Others watch and align themselves with the intention of that prayer, as the main man or woman, prays on behalf of the community gathered .In addition, private libations used by people to appreciate the beauty of God in ones personal life.

Pouring libation waters focuses our attention on the power of our intention .It allows us to pay our attention on what makes us thrive. So in fact, you often find libation prayers reviewing the powerful principles of life. It celebrates how we are all inter- connected. Interdependent. How our very own bodies also are a reflection of that same set of laws.

Take a breather, and help the community and individuals to focus on the wisdom of intention.

Each libation performed is actually a pause time, a breather time which celebrates the 11 laws of life, also known as the 11 laws of Maat.    Typical phrases in the prayer are “thank you”,”taking neither gain nor loss to heart”,” nothing is against me”, and so on. It is a time to help you move forward with joy and confidence as you welcome in the energies of love, joy, peace, happiness, forgiveness and more. And as you fill yourself up with the most relevant energies necessary to turn your dreams into a reality, you feel so inspired. That is the ‘science of African societies’, who have had this tool for ages and it s now at our disposal in London.

Pouring libation waters into a beautiful plant or gorgeous flowers comes from the same cultural wellspring that gave us Holy Communion. It is a sacred community ritual. Pouring libation water fuels you and your life and you will see it in so many world religions that are designed to connect to the joy and celebration of life.

You are ok where you are now.

If you would imagine your person as a vessel, a container, which can be filled up to the top with wonderful feelings then you get the idea of what libation does. So it starts from where you are. You do not have to be perfect to do it. Imagine, if you feel on a scale of 1-10 you are at a given number. Now focusing on your energy stream that comes from remembering stimulating good feelings about families, community and God will increase your energy levels. Yes, you smile. Your feelings rise up to a higher level of the scale. Pouring libation and focusing on remembering stimulating feelings is really about you going into receiving the words and adjusting yourself. So you set yourself to become the feeling you are wanting to receive. Like a radio, and you setting your tuner to the frequency to allow the reception for what you have been asking for. Delicious energy!

Relevant to Londoners today- match the energy of what you want to be

Libation prepares the community to hold and match the maximum amount of the love, joy, peace, and happiness energy required for an undertaking in your own hearts. As you, maintain your attention to matching that energy even for a very short time. You will feel the buzz. That’s the power of pouring libation. So it’s really about a determined focus on inspiring our most dearly held intentions. Lovely. Its paying attention to how you feel and receiving that. Pleasant, agreeable, exquisite feelings. Or courageous, determined caring feelings. Pouring libation is great for communities that feel a bit stressed out. Because it helps refocus the person. Pouring libation is like a reset, retune button for all. It’s your discovery and maintenance of power and freedom.

Relevant to you today

Libation is about you retuning to your most heartfelt intentions. Those for yourself and others. As such, it evokes powerful feelings of love, healing, joy, appreciation, gratitude, reconciliation, and celebration. It always calls on higher energies of love. In that knowledge, it is about freedom. Africans throughout the continent and disapora have always known that freedom comes from knowing that you have the ability to freely use your own feelings to create good feelings within yourself. Libation helps those of us who want to remember, power and freedom. Where you can choose freely to love from your own heart!

As such, it is used at Wedding celebrations!

Libations at weddings give families to assist the couple and family to be all they want to be. The prayer calls everyone to pause and reflect on the importance of two joined families and their joint rich heritages. It elevates the family and encourages the young people present to hold their community in the most positive elevated way. They are invited to know that if they hurt them, they hurt themselves. The reverse is also called for.

The London Flower Lover

It is a time of real clarity about the richness of the family.

Libation creates an invisible field of inspirational energy by calling on the name of God, plus the names of ancestors who reflected certain virtues of God. People are invited to consider Ancestors, who they relate to. Those who have passed over. Aunty, Uncle, Mum, Dad as well as big names like, Garvey, Nkrumah and others. Ancestors are truly, anyone who reflects great virtues that have personally influenced you.

Perhaps one secret technique for healing gang warfare

Just by doing the libation and immersing, ones family in remembering its best qualities may actually safeguards and directs them. Those who have been vulnerable, to all sorts of things, maybe the gangs or other abuses become less so as they recall who they are. They can begin to tap into a pool of energy that actually strengthens them. They can decide for themselves what to do in a situation. Truly, it is about the saying. Know thy self.

Deal with the gangs

These libations are about taking the time and letting yourself and others know you matter. You matter. That is how African families of every cultural shade, designed their libations. To inspire families to carry virtues forward with them, into any situation. Be it the marriage, the raising of the child, the passing over to the next realm, new job, start of school, new so and so.

It is a glorious prayer- a tool, that it is available for all Londoners today.

The London Flower Lover

Pouring Libations honour the hero-in you and the community

If you think of great stories, films, books you love you can see that libations share the same quality of awakening the hero who may be feeling fearful and doubtful to bring harmony in communities. Pouring libation helps Londoners define themselves by their virtues. To heal negative and chaotic situations. To discover themselves to be greater people by far. To use those qualities to educate other parts of themselves.

Libations invite you to awaken inspiring dormant forces!

If you have ever felt inspired, you know the feeling of being in- spirited. Just pausing and thinking personally about ourselves in the most inspiring ways for the future is the function of libation. It is a way of knowing yourself personally.

Libation is a way of keeping the great feelings we are looking to have, up close in our hearts. Libation then is about relationship with ourselves. You can even make it fun. Wear nice fragrances, burn lovely incense to remind you to nice things.

Libation is about pre action, as we sense those virtues, we become already that.


Libation is a friendly prayer for all Londoners.

In essence, libation is used to show our reverence for the original source of our lives. By knowing ourselves, we go about cultivating a love of that part of our being is the way we flow with love in our families and relationships.

Love London: The London Flower Lover

Linger on Flowers for a little while

The London Flower Lover

Ancient people used flowers to mean things. Lilies, gypsophilia, and jasmine were linked to women, forgiveness, caring, and mothering. Pink roses, orange blossom, honeysuckle, and calendula, were used to express romance. Yellow roses for joy. Honeysuckle for wealth. White roses, the lotus, and tuberose for unity. Wisdom, the lotus. Words, numbers and communication: lavender, and Lilly of the valley.

The London Flower Lover

Flowers can be used to bless and honour each other. Flowers can be used to focus on love. Being loving, sharing lovingness. Uplifting each other with love. Giving and receiving flowers to show each other the abundance of life just creates more love for all. That provides a sort of fuel for life in general. Use flowers to remind you of beauty.

Flowers can be used to share that collective energy. It can be used to remind you to reconcile pain of hurt emotions, and let go of that that no longer serves. Use flowers to remind you to experience your personal growth in awareness. Use beautiful flowers in your libation.

Decide what helps you the most to remind you that libation starts an amazing time of the year. A reflection on what we can transform in our life, families and communities.

Discover and share more about how all Londoners benefit from Black History Month

From the team

The London Flower Lover
p.s. use flowers conscioulsy at your  own libation

The London Flower Lover


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