Perhaps use flowers to love yourself even when you eat too much sugar!

Dear Flower Lover

Today we were talking about eating to much. And we were reminded about the words of Karly Randolph Pitman
“Most of us run as fast as we can from sugar, our cravings for sugar, and from our fat, sugar addicted, out of control selves. We try our best to tame this unruly part of ourselves, to make her good, and to get her to toe the line. “Cut it out,” we want to scream, frustrated at the havoc she leaves in her wake.

And yet like a wayward child, she greatly resists our attempts to fix her. We feel caught between one side – our inner rebel who’s acting out – and the other – our drill sergeant who wants to whip her into shape. We ping pong between burying our food pain, hiding from it, indulging in it, despairing over it, avoiding it, shaming it, and blaming it.

All of these tactics bring suffering.

We don’t heal our sugar addiction by running, resisting or fixing. We heal our addiction by turning towards it, by shining the light of compassion on all our dark spots.”

All we can say is find ways to be kind to the part you are hard on which is only doing what it knows to do,until it knows better and enjoy the part that is doing its best.

e say, take neither loss or gain to heart-Do something kind to yourself today!

The team

The London Flower Lover


The London Flower Lover


About Thelondonflowerlover

Welcome to The London Flower Lover. We are florists who create floral collections to tell your real life story. With colour and texture, we take floristry into an entirely new direction based on the challenges and joys of your life. Offering what we call 'heart based floristry' we use style, fashion, and life situations and merge them with heart based lifestyle support. This inspiring blend creates so much more for those who love flowers. Using flowers in the traditional way of course, but always using flowers to open up a floralicious conversation about relationships of all kinds. We are a sort of work in progress of compassionately confirming how we are already on the inside, the love we want to see out in the world. That is mission of The London Flower Lover. So saying yes to recognising that is at the heart of this blog and using flowers to honour that inner world is how we use the beauty of giving and receiving flowers. This blog is your blog. It's as much about cultivating your heart, as it is about enjoying the physical beauty of flowers. It offers story, poems and video to reflect the life you actually live whilst showing beautifully inspiring collections of flower designs. Hand-tied bouquets, arrangements and more. All this with sought after tips from well established experts on how to keep a happy heart. This is what makes The London Flower Lover unique and magical. Yes, and that's how we make the difference that we do. When life looks, feels, or sounds challenging, we offer a sanctuary that you may dip into. A well of refreshment and strength that you may draw from. Sharing what others have found to be successful ways of being happy in the face of challenges, whilst letting flowers do the talking when we have no other way to interpret what is going on. Use flowers to help you re-discover, reveal and remember how you can still be despite challenges. Use flowers to celebrate and to embody the possibility of your heart felt desire, fulfilled. Use flowers in your life, to remind you of the beauty of your life. Use The London Flower Lover today. We invite you to stay curious in this floral universe as you explore the love in the heart. This is a floralicious world.
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