Liberate your Libido this friday

Beloved Flower Lover

It’s friday, lets enjoy the  juicy deliciousness of………

Ok,ok, we will stop teasing you!

Flowers are by their nature reminders of natural hot sex.  Just look at them, just look at them- what do they tell you?

They are uber sexy, and reminders of our own amazing sexual drive.

The London Flower Lover

So what if you are not feeling it yourself right now. Feeling a bit dry, boring, a bit barren, going through a bit of temporary desert patch?

Well you have guessed by now that we have some flower friendly tips to share with you. So before you reach for the ‘magazine’, or call a friend to moan, or reach for the lube or the vibrator, let us direct you to the most important place to start. Not outside of you, no, but inside. Turn the other way, turn the other direction.Turn. Yes inside!

Take a few deep breathes now because we are going to direct you away from all the usual stuff and back to that special place where it all really starts…..if you know what we mean. Take a deep breathe and say




Use your imagination and listen to your body.

Ok, Question 1: Where does power reside? Point to the area

Ok, Question 2:  Where does the power reside in the most powerful, greatest lover you can imagine? – Where would their power truly reside? Point to the area in your imagination.

Answers: Please take all the time to think about this. You can even touch your own heart and feel the answer if that helps you.

Flames of Passion

Answer revealed:

Ok- well that is in you too. Inside!

The London Flower Lover

So what next?

Well we invite you to go look in the mirror, or start to look in the mirror, or at least consider looking in the mirror of your imagination and feel that feeling about yourself. Now. What ever you do is fine.

Take all the time you need. Really. Be gentle and take all the time necessary. In addition, notice how you are feeling. Perhaps give yourself permission to let go and feel how that feels!

Yes, breathe out deeply if you need to, to take that energy in more deeply.

Name that feeling: perhaps you are feeling, lovable, huggable, kissable, delectable, sweet, adorable, supported, cuddly, gorgeous, loved up, strong, courageous, wanted, sexy, stunning, dazzling, lovely, tantalising, amazing, and confident.

Say that feeling .What ever names comes to you, feel it and say it to yourself aloud. Repeat that feeling a few more time.

Now let us pause before you repeat it again. Because we want to address the issue behind the dry, barren untrue nature of affairs. Now you have proved that you can get juicy, horny and in that place, lets now address the source of the temporary dry patch.

So if you want, let’s goes back to a time way in the past. Lets go back to a time when you did not make that decision. yes. to a time when you soaked things up from your surroundings,your environment. Let us go back there. You can now, cos you are a different person.

Ok, let’s go to a time in the past, maybe childhood or teen life when you were in an environment that could not mirror that back to you,  how wonderful you were, because they too did not know how to mirror it back to themselves either.

Let go back to that time in our imagination. Let us ask you something.

Would they really want you to feel unsexy, dry, barren, and unhappy? Would you have consciously chosen to feel this? Would they have chosen this if they knew better? No way.

However, you did feel this. You did soak it up; you immersed yourself in those feelings. Into a part of you that soaks things up. So guess what, in the past, as you were triggered to feeling unsexy, dry, barren, it’s  a no brainer why you felt like that. You had no real choice.

What was really going on was that you were responding to some trigger from the past. And you know what it was. Maybe you never saw mum and dad have passion, or passion led to something you did not like. What ever it was. You can draw a line underneath it now. With compassion.

Remember, it was a time when you just soaked up what was in the ‘romantic/sex environment’. Into the part of you, that does that. The part of you that takes on things from the outside and is still running things in your life. So with all this amazing clarity, what next?

In your imagination, go to it, see the situation behind a screen, and when you are ready forgive the situation now. Then repeat this. Go into the body of the younger you and forgive the people around you. Then repeat it again.Go into the bodies of the others there and forgive them too. See all the people and know you and they were doing their best that they knew how.

Phew, take a deep breathe out!

When you can see that, you might want to acknowledge it with a feeling of infinite love and gratitude from your adult self now. Go on. Meet that younger part of you. And with soft compassion offer your infinite love and gratitude for that experience.


Because today, it has opened the door to this amazing, sexy part of you. The part of you that has liberated your libido. That life force that makes things happen in the world.

Thank it. It has been your conscious choice today to open up and liberate your libido. In the past, you were just soaking up what was going on around you. They, or you, knew no better. Now, you do. Infinite love and gratitude to that.

The London Flower Lover

Now you have done that. Take a deep breathe. We would like to welcome you into a new life, a new world, where you can now feel your amazing, beautiful, flowing, awesome wanted, loved up sexuality.

Over the coming time, moments, day, night, week, month and year, notice your sexuality flourish, flourish, flourish.

Infinite love and gratitude.
Give time to yourself. Be gentle and choose to send flowers to yourself remind you that you are divinely beautiful.

Oozing love and affection

The Team

The London Flower Lover

p.s. we would love to deliver your favourite flowers. So please contact us when it suits you best!

The London Flower Lover

About Thelondonflowerlover

Welcome to The London Flower Lover. We are florists who create floral collections to tell your real life story. With colour and texture, we take floristry into an entirely new direction based on the challenges and joys of your life. Offering what we call 'heart based floristry' we use style, fashion, and life situations and merge them with heart based lifestyle support. This inspiring blend creates so much more for those who love flowers. Using flowers in the traditional way of course, but always using flowers to open up a floralicious conversation about relationships of all kinds. We are a sort of work in progress of compassionately confirming how we are already on the inside, the love we want to see out in the world. That is mission of The London Flower Lover. So saying yes to recognising that is at the heart of this blog and using flowers to honour that inner world is how we use the beauty of giving and receiving flowers. This blog is your blog. It's as much about cultivating your heart, as it is about enjoying the physical beauty of flowers. It offers story, poems and video to reflect the life you actually live whilst showing beautifully inspiring collections of flower designs. Hand-tied bouquets, arrangements and more. All this with sought after tips from well established experts on how to keep a happy heart. This is what makes The London Flower Lover unique and magical. Yes, and that's how we make the difference that we do. When life looks, feels, or sounds challenging, we offer a sanctuary that you may dip into. A well of refreshment and strength that you may draw from. Sharing what others have found to be successful ways of being happy in the face of challenges, whilst letting flowers do the talking when we have no other way to interpret what is going on. Use flowers to help you re-discover, reveal and remember how you can still be despite challenges. Use flowers to celebrate and to embody the possibility of your heart felt desire, fulfilled. Use flowers in your life, to remind you of the beauty of your life. Use The London Flower Lover today. We invite you to stay curious in this floral universe as you explore the love in the heart. This is a floralicious world.
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