Give thanks for March 8th International Women’s day: Flowers for the phenomenal women

Beloved Flower Lover,

For International Womens day, we have been listening to ideas about flowers for women in three ways.

Number 1. loving on other women if you are a woman,

Number 2. loving on yourself if you are a woman and

Number 3. loving on women if you are a man

Loving on women

Yep we think we have the categories covered. O.K we are in high spirits, let’s begin to experience giving thanks for feeling great about the amazing  galaxy of women in our lives. Yes, that’s what loving on other women is all about.

In this category we listened to ideas about giving thanks in a floral and fabulous way for that special woman in your life.

Women’s Day is the perfect opportunity to say thank you to the mother who always picked you up, the wife who is the love of your life, or to let your daughter know she truly is beautiful and deserving of the very best. Like a beautiful flower, breathe in the quality of the women you have in mind and honour her womaness, her life, her energy, all of her. Now give thanks and think about the sort of flower that best reflects her style and energy.

Loving on your own womaness

The next category,  that we give thanks for is all about how to fall or rather stand in love with yourself. So what’s the recipe that we can give thanks for we hear you say.

Well, first give thanks for what in you, makes you, You. Just like a flower that needs watering to grow, look at whats in yourself in a nurturing way. Love on yourself for all the good that you see and give thanks for your flaws and the fact that you are ‘so called’ imperfect. Give thanks for all of them , they totally make you.

Another way to love on yourself is to understand how you can create intense ‘feelinginess’,  towards your own brand of loving yourself. This is the fuel of your unique womaness. To recognise this  actually provides you with the wings that lifts you out of the rubble and trouble.

Where you would say you are on your own scale of  self lovingness? No matter where you are, just by adding your own fuel of lovingness can shift it’s intensity. This is the ideal way to    make you a direct match to what ever you love. Yes, you. You are the answer.

Men loving on women

Now the final category, we give thanks for how men can love on women ?

…and so many do it, with ease and sincerity.

For some, They give direct thanks for the rejuvenation they experience as they look beyond the surface and see what others don’t see in so many ways. They direct their attention by giving thanks for the gift of the women in their lives who got them out of the rubble and lifted them out of their trouble .

For others, they give thanks by respecting the value of their maleness and how they complement womaness. Fascinating on the day in London were a Million Women Rise ,   with the purpose of relanguaging domestic violence.

We decided we would like the men in our orbit to be part of creating a vocabulary where women feel empowered about themselves whatever size, shape, colour, relationship status, fianacial class, education level, talent, or religion they come from.  So we broadcast a soft invitation call, and  welcomed the immediate ‘yes’  that we recieved.

One of the men of the team who is really good at looking inwards, feeling out, redirecting and collecting relevant resources to proclaim the celebration of modern women, went and found videos that he felt had a clear message for women and men.

He found a stellar of ‘phenomenal women’, who show us even more what the joy and power of yin energy is all about. These women who know the yin fuel which may come as an upfront, or in a hushed,quiet and humble feeling

What next?

So who are you feeling you are to give thanks for? Who do you want to give celebrate?  Yourself, your mother, sister, wife, daughter, colleague, or beloved girlfriend. All of them and more ! Whoever this woman is, choose to give thanks for the flowers which celebrate her today.

Peace and joy

The Team

The London Flower Lover

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7 Responses to Give thanks for March 8th International Women’s day: Flowers for the phenomenal women

  1. asantori says:

    The Maya Angelou is beautiful — I’ve never heard it in its entirety!

  2. Nancy Hann says:

    Thanks for dropping by my blog. I love flowers and you’re right, it’s a great way to honor the incredible women in our lives. Happy International Women’s Day!

  3. ns says:

    Great post! Happy Intn’l Women’s Day!!!

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